above ground pool purchase: choose the good with the practical buying guide

Buying guide: how to choose above ground pool?


Want to dive into the pool all summer? With a model above ground, it is now possible to have family fun, affordable and without major work. Must still know how to choose among the many models proposed above ground: flexible or rigid, wood, steel or concrete liner thickness or same quality of filtration, above ground pool will have no secret you.

Above ground pool flexible or rigid ? It all depends on your needs and time. If you decide in the summer, bet on a flexible pool that will be easy to install and you can enjoy without allowing work. If your children are small, opt for models with the water line (water height is 10 to 20 cm below the pool height) does not exceed 85 cm (beyond the scale is compulsory and incurring an additional cost) and ponds whose size will not exceed 3.05 m.  

Aesthetics, this above ground pool will naturally find place in your garden. wooden pool Blooma Kari, round 8 sides, above ground, semi-ground until'à complètement enterrée. Livrée en kit à monter soi-même. Volume d'eau : 15 m3. Dim. extérieures : ø4,60 x H.1,29 m. Épaisseur des madriers : 30 mm. Filtration à sable 6 m3/h. Liner en membrane PVC, épaisseur 70 /100 ème. Garantie : structure 10 ans, pompe 2 ans, accessoires 1 an. 2 890 euros. Castorama.

Aesthetics, this above ground pool will naturally find place in your garden. wooden pool Blooma Kari, round 8 sides, above ground, semi buried up completely buried. Supplied in kit to assemble yourself. Water capacity: 15 m3. Sun external. Ø4,60 x H.1,29 m. Thick planks: 30 mm. Sand filtration 6 m3 / h. PVC liner membrane thickness 70/100 th. Warranty: Structure 10 years Pump 2 years Accessories 1 year. 2890 euros. Castorama.


Aboveground pools flexible

You will find first prize pools inflatable, round shape that mount within hours and removed in winter. Then come the pools freestanding composed of an inflatable top ring that rises by flotation since that fills the pool of water: cost between 20 and 300 euros, these round models can reach one meter high and again to go up and be dismantled quickly. Last possibility, pools tubular formed with a liner which is based on metal tubes, "These pools are more resistant than freestanding models long-term may end up dying, says Gregory Herbaut pools product manager at Castorama They attract more and more. customers seeking an easy pool to rise, accessible price (they start at less than 100 euros, a rectangular pool of 5 meters is about 1000 euros) and requiring no concrete screed, simply protect its soil. "  

Pool above ground rigid models

In ascending order of price, pools steel lead the way (from 700 to over 2000 euros for very large pools of 7 meters). Consisting of a scrollable wall steel attached to steel poles, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are proving stronger than soft, for a good value for money. To install these pools, we can still settle for a stabilized soil, as well flat sand bed. 

Delivered as a kit, this aboveground octagonal pool is equipped'une filtration sans canalisation. Margelles en teck. A partir de 4291 euros. Desjoyaux.

Delivered as a kit, this octagonal above ground pool has a filtration without pipeline. Teak copings. From 4291 euros. Desjoyeaux.


The pools wood natural or composite are many followers as much for their aesthetics as their warmth. "It was very popular there about ten years, and sales have occasionally breathless, product quality is not always at the rendezvous, says Grégory Herbaut This is no longer the case. The models are all wood class IV (adapted moisture) and guaranteed for 10 years where a comeback. " Most models are softwood (pine, fir) treated autoclave to avoid rotting, others oak or exotic woods such as teak: very aesthetic, they still require some maintenance to not get drunk, with applying a stain every year. "The wooden pools are increasingly requested, confirms Gilles Mouchiroud, Desjoyaux specialist company known for its expertise in in-ground and above ground. They combine aesthetics, quality (they are completely self-supporting), high strength and simplicity of implement. We deliver a complete set (structure, liner, filtration) with instructions for mounting them easily at home. We just provide a level ground and therefore a concrete floor to install them securely so that a power supply ". The price of wood pools varies depending on the volume of the basin, the quality of the wood finishes: it varies between 1,500 euros for softwood models and 7 or 8,000 euros for exotic wood models. Custom, prices can climb to 15 000.  

Appeared more recently, the pools concrete are composed of concrete panels vibrated providing great strength. Among the few distributors include Castorama, "This year, we have developed rectangular concrete basins ribbed with wood effect, for aesthetic superb The concrete planks slip into metal pillars for a very strong pool, which will be installed. on a concrete screed and can even be buried. prices start at 5,000 euros and can reach 9000 euros, a 7.5 x 3 m pool. "  

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An above ground pool with a rather thick liner

"Better to opt for a complete kit which includes the structure to rise, the liner, filtration and a ladder, advises Gilles Mouchiroud. At Desjoyeaux, we also provide an electrical box programming that will control the filtration time. You will have handy and especially the brands Dimension liner and filtration to the size of the pool and its water volume. " Please understand that the thickness of the liner (soft canvas and often blue that lines the inside of the pool) is important to the strength of your future pool. It is expressed in hundredths and the higher the number, the higher the liner is solid. The liner 20 / 100e (including small inflatable pools) resist the less tear and wear, a liner 70 to 80 hundredth can last 10 years (all are guaranteed for two years). Most ? A ground cover that will protect the liner and improve comfort.  

The quality of the filter for the above ground pool

Small pools are often equipped with filtration cartridges, which require little maintenance other than changing cartridges. On larger models, it often includes sand filters, boasting more flow and more durable than the first but require more maintenance and does not filter out particles of very small size. Some companies like Desjoyaux has developed other exclusive systems: "We provide our above ground pools patented filter bags that filter impurities up only 6 microns This is a real plus for the consumer with water completely. clean for swimming. "  

Good to know

As long as the pool does not exceed 20 m, you do not have to make a statement at the town hall. Moreover, above ground pools are supposed to be dismantled, you are not obliged to protect access as with in-ground pools.  

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