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Very decorative partitions

Leroy Merlin

ideal for optimize space, the Deco partitions constantly reinventing itself. Screens, movable partitions or curtain perforated diverted, partitions separate or define new spaces, Deco and intimate at once.

To separate two spaces in a room, the deco partitions are ideal. Lightweight and easy to install, they come in different forms. Curtains, partitions made of painted paper or screen walls, they are often flexible. More or less discreet, they are perforated to let light or otherwise opaque to partition. In pictures, follow the guide walls deco most desirable. 

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1. A Californian blind wall to privatize the Show Office

This blind Californian spirit breaker view wall lets in light but not the look according to the inclination of its slats. Lightweight, white polyester fabric ... His small blind side to the Mediterranean because of the office space and a chic private. 

In picture : California store partition, Classic kit swiveling vertical strips, with strips of 127 mm width x 180 mm in height on a guide rail length Aluminum 100 cm, 59.90 EUR, Castorama. 

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Very decorative partitions


2. wallpaper wall separating the dining area from the kitchen

To highlight the dining area, dress the separation wall a graphic wallpaper. Thus decorated wall draws the eye to the dining area and heightens the impression that the two parts are separated frankly. 

In picture : Wallpaper Nihan Anthozoa collection in 68 cm wide x 10m, 52 euros a roll, Harlequin. 

Very decorative partitions


3. An interior glass partition to the living room from the dining room

Ideal to let the light, the studio glass cloisonne a room with style. Consisting of a window pane on a metal structure, it gives an industrial loft with different spaces and creates a true second room. Here the canopy combines fixed panels and sliding doors to the center to allow to open or close the room as needed.  

In picture : Partition way Workshop canopy, black aluminum and laminated glazing safety and underbody melamine panel bracket model, from 2895 euros, Lapeyre. 

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Very decorative partitions


4. A rustic screen to create a cozy corner in the room

This decorative folding screen wood aged so bring an authentic touch to the decor and allows virtually separate two spaces. In the folded version, it takes up little space. Once opened, it is placed at will and cloisonne a corner in privacy. 

In picture : Solid fir wooden screen blue aged effect, 190 x 120 cm, 169,90 euros, Maisons du Monde. 

Very decorative partitions

Houses of the world

5. An apertured partition to delineate the kitchen

In Japanese style, this wooden slats partition is also decorative qu'astucieuse. As a trellis, it plays on transparency and smooth lines to separate the kitchen from the entrance, without blocking the view. The trick of this partition: cleats lines either vertical or horizontal, or slant that play with light to better modulate the brightness of the room. The other advantage of this partition: a sliding central portion which is a door.  

In picture : Cleats fir planed small nodes, size 34 x 95mm x L2,4m, 12.80 euros each in size 34x57mmxL2,4M, 7.80 euros each in size 34 x34mm x L2,4m, 5 75 euros each. Champlat rounded fir knotless 4x33mm x 2,5m, 2.60 euros each, Leroy Merlin. 

Very decorative partitions

Leroy Merlin

6. screens partitions to hide the bed

Felt accordion, these two discrete partitions and ultra light in a room separate space night of the living area. Clever, felt the advantage of being opaque and absorb sound. Each separator deliberately low, visually isolates the bed but for enjoying the light from the window. 

In picture : partition "room divider" Ikea PS 2017 Felt, 150 x 108 cm, 52 euros, Ikea. 

Very decorative partitions


7. A shelf for separating two worlds in one room

Because a wall is not necessarily to be total, this time it's a shelf that serves as separation between the sleeping area and office area. Posed horizontally, at mid-height, the library separates the two spaces while allowing the eye. A clever solution to keep the sense of space especially in a low room ceiling or attic.  

In picture : Shelf Library Cleo panels painted white particles 86 x 174 x 25 cm, 361 euros, Home. 

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Very decorative partitions


8. A partition of slats to play with light

Designed to play with light, the partition is playful slats and adjustable at will. The slides were open when we want to see the rest of the room. Simply rotate again to partition the space and focus to work. 

In picture Ella partition slats fixed on adjustable feet MDF white ash wood ceruse, 18 x 239/252 cm, 25,90 euros blade Castorama. 

Very decorative partitions


9. A plant wall to hide the bed

As fresh as trend, the vegetated wall is in the air. To separate bed space from the rest of the room, adopt this giant scale. Equipped with many hanging plants, scale plant makes office partition, which the number of hanging plants, more or less protects the bed from view. An opportunity to fill oxygen. 

In picture : Scale wall "Fauler stick" rails wood and rope made of polyamide, with possibility of adjusting the height of the timber, 300 x 160 x 3 cm, 378 euros, Stadtnomaden. 

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Very decorative partitions


10. A string partition to isolate the toilet

As light and original, this wall creates a virtual separation between two corners of the bathroom, the sink and the toilet. With ropes, it plays on transparency to let in light while blurring the eye. 

In picture : partition fixed create twisted rope, of 135 cm of height and 80 cm wide minimum 3 euros m twisted rope and 18.20 euros the wooden batten to be painted in white, Leroy Merlin. 

Very decorative partitions

Leroy Merlin

11. sieving wall for shelter in privacy

Designed a priori for windows, curtain wall can also serve to isolate a corner of the house. As in this large room, where three curtains on rails fixed isolate the bed as a cabin. The bed becomes a play within the play, for maximum privacy. Once opened, the curtains make it possible to reclaim the entire space of the room. 

In picture : room divider Vigda to install the ceiling, composed of a single rail for aluminum curtain, a corner section for single rail, plastic rollers and hooks. Suitable for curtains with gathering tape, 135 cm L. simple rail kit 38 euros, curtains from 9.95 euros Ikea. 

Very decorative partitions


12. A break-view partition to cover the reading area

Hanging, this partition is as light as poetic. Separator space, semi-rigid web is a plastic mesh end which is arranged to delimit an area without interfering with the perspective. Thanks to its finish in degraded, it leaves circulate light modulating transparency.  

In picture : Partition translucent plastic mesh, available in three widths 1.5 m, 1M and 0. 5 m and a length to be determined, prices on request, Tim Defleur. 

Very decorative partitions

Tim Defleur

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