Decoration dining room: 6 photos for inspiration

Fancy a dining room decor and friendly? Follow us...

enlargeIn the dining room of Sarah Lavoine

1- In the dining room of Sarah Lavoine- Where ? In Sarah's country house and Marc Lavoine, the dining room has been installed next to a window opening onto the garden. An oval table "CS OV 2" Heerenhuis - recovered laminate teak and metal feet - is accompanied by straw chairs Charlotte Perriand. Everything is awakened by an electric blue carpet Sarah Schultz. The idea to remember? The wall dotted with small framed photos, which is reflected in a mirror designed by Hubert Le Gall (Avant-Scène). And lighting? The double-window makes the bright room. The lamp comes in extra and creates a graphic accident.

Jean-Marc Palisse

enlargeMixer chairs to create a dynamic Deco

2- Mixer chairs to create a dynamic Deco- Where ? In the kitchen-dining room with a loft. We play the contrast between the industrial style of cooking - concrete, metal and matte black - and rustic-chic spirit of the nineteenth wooden table mottled market Paul Bert (18, rue Paul-Bert, 93400 Saint-Ouen ). The idea to remember? A table that stretches lengthwise in dark wood. In this piece, we associate chairs whose styles alternate between late nineteenth century, 1950s and iconic designs found in Emmaus and for Eames chairs, workshop 159, in Marseille. To punctuate the whole, yellow ... chair. And lighting? Located close to the work plans, the table is illuminated by the kitchen and the light passing through the windows.

Nicolas Matheus

enlargeA round table for dining gallery'art

3- A round table for dining gallery- Where ? In a Parisian apartment with exposed beams and parquet floor, this dining room is betting the mix of styles and periods. Thus, a table "Tulip" 1950 Eero Saarinen (Knoll) - base in cast aluminum painted black and polished absolute black granite plate - alongside Thonet chairs. The idea to remember? A snap photos and large-format works, as in a gallery. Here, photo François Rousseau (Willy Everlast), and a work of Michael Van Besselaar. And lighting? Not to obstruct the vision of the works, we played with a transparent chandelier crystal pendants from the Hotel de la Tremoille in Paris.

Frédéric Vasseur

enlargeThe'art du déjeuner chez Paola Navone

4- The lunch art at Paola Navone- Where ? In a Parisian loft, along some of the 12 windows of this huge place chosen by the architect and designer Paola Navone. The idea to remember? The rectangular table made from boards painted gray, then pierced and bonded together with the red string. Its length can receive many guests. The chairs brought from Hong Kong and repainted green awaken the grays and browns of soil and industrial furniture. And lighting? To punctuate the big table, two relatively low industrial suspensions found in an antique shop. They reduce the ceiling height.

Jean-Marc Palisse

enlargeAdvanced red and croissement style to the dining room

5- Advanced red and croissement style to the dining room- Where ? In another area of ​​the loft by Paola Navone, the dining opts for offset using items from all backgrounds. The idea to remember? Play diversity around a round table. Here, school chairs, bistro and designers. And lighting? To give scale to the room, a chandelier made by Paola Navone with red artificial flowers resting on a hoop structure of the eighteenth century. The suspension plays excess and is reflected in a mirror created by the designer.

Jean-Marc Palisse

enlargeA seat for a bistro-style in the dining room

6- A seat for a bistro-style in the dining room- Where ? In this loft, antique dealer and decorator Florence Lopez opened the room to the kitchen. She designed the wall of the dining room all in length as a game boxes enjoying a chimney to install colored movable panels. Associated with oak structure, the modules comprise a library. The idea to remember? The padded seat Indeed, leaning against the library wall and associated with large table mottled Danish 1960. Covered with washable Alcantara (the designer would prefer dark blue), the seat can be positioned U or face to face. Casters allow configuration changes. And lighting? A pair of 1960 chinés Lighting accompanies an industrial lamp.

Jean-Marc Palisse

enlargeA jumble wall'accrochage de cadres dans la salle à manger

7- A wall collage hanging frames in the dining room- Where ? In a printing press of the 1950s transformed by the architect Leo Berellini, the dining room enjoying the light of the windows. Set in a corner, she mixes Chinese chairs found in a flea market, leather seat (Casa Didot) and wooden chairs (First Time) around a rectangular table in dark wood. The idea to remember? The wall above the bench is driven by an installation combining pictures (Mark Segal for Vogue, African faces Jean-Michel Voge) and a painting by Jacques Bosser. And lighting? A desk lamp Philips 1950, mottled by the designer Florence Lopez, provides diffuse lighting.

Jean-Marc Palisse

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