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How to properly secure the pool?


Since 2004, any buried or semi-buried swimming pool should be secured and equipped with one of the 4 approved means of protection. Alarm fence, hedge or pool enclosure: up to you depending on your budget and your expectations. To stop that then enjoy pleasures of swimming ...

No way to ignore the security of private swimming pools (. Art L. 128-1.A) the law stipulates that from 1 January 2004, 'the unenclosed swimming pools, for individual or collective use must be provided a standardized safety device to prevent the risk of drowning children. 4 means of protection were chosen by the legislature, the alarm, the barrier, the cover and finally the pool enclosure. Big plan.  

Alarm: simple to use and easy to install

To qualify as a legal means of protection, the alarm must be approved according to NF P90-307. Its advantages ? This is the least expensive means of protection (between 200 and 400 euros) which can secure all types of pools (including some pools shaped beans difficult to cover shelter or cover) and s simple to use out. The downside: it requires to be present and is not suitable in the country houses for example. "Many customers buy an alarm before going to the shelter or in addition to it, says Emmanuel Perrot, Industrial Director Pac company that manufactures telescopic shelters Aqua This choice requires great vigilance. If you forget the 'snap, it no longer fulfills its role. "  

There are two types of alarm pools, underwater alarms and perimeter alarms. As the name indicates, the alarm submerged is diving under water and when it perceives sounds abnormal movement like the fall of a child. More sophisticated and more expensive, the alarm perimeter will allow you to anticipate danger thanks to the 4 terminals that work with infrared and define the perimeter of the pool: just a person enters the defined area, to ring and alert you.  

Advice : practices, some alarms can be set off automatically at the end of each bathing or beep when it malfunctions. If this is not the case, the alarm works with a key, a remote control or keyboard, please do not forget to activate it and place the box out of the reach of children. Finally, regularly check its operation (change batteries if necessary). 

Thanks to its embedded technology, this alarm continuously monitors the'état du bassin. En cas de chute dans la piscine, la sirène se déclenche, selon les exigences de la norme française NF P90-307. Après la baignade, l'alarme se remet en route automatiquement. Alarme immergée Sensor Espio de Maytronics.

Thanks to its embedded technology, this alarm continuously monitors the state of the basin. In case of fall in the pool, the siren goes off, as required by French standard NF P90-307. After swimming, the alarm starts again automatically. immersed Alarm Sensor Espio Maytronics.


Protection Barrier bulwark against falls

This protective barrier will surround your pool to prevent inadvertent entry of a child outside the bathing times. To be considered as a means of protection, your security barrier must comply with the NF P 90-306 standard on pool safety which implies in particular that measures more than 110 cm high, it is placed in the least one meter from the pool and the gate of the fence is securely locked, so as to be completely inaccessible to young children. The law says it should "resist the actions of a child under five years, especially regarding the access lock, and not to cause injury." Fares (allow minimum 1,000 euros), it remains a means of protection intermediate between the alarm and the shelter and is preferred by some people who are sometimes hampered the accidental triggering of an alarm (passing a dog. ..) 

You find all kinds of pool barriers, with levels of very varying prices (from 1000 to 10000 euros for some glass or retractable barriers). The most common are fixed barriers, permanently installed around the pool but there are also removable and therefore removable barriers. materials side, again, there is a wide variety: rigid or flexible panels that make up can be mesh, mesh, stainless steel bars, fabric, glass. We often blame their lack of aesthetics, which is not the case with transparent glass panels that blend into the landscape but are much more expensive (from 10 000 euros for a standard pool of 8 x 4 m). Also popular, bars stainless fit well in contemporary settings.  

Advice : prefer barriers equipped with gates self closing. If you are looking for a cosmetic product, you can also turn to retractable barriers: sophisticated but very expensive, the latter come into the ground when using the pool. Finally, it is advisable to have them installed by professionals.  

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Suitable for all types of poses, single and double guardrail posts Gypsum secure and delimit the pool. Their handrails round or rectangular aluminum and minimalist lines offer a contemporary character and design at'habitat. Technal.

Suitable for all types of poses, single and double guardrail posts Gypsum secure and delimit the pool. Their handrails round or rectangular aluminum and minimalist lines offer a contemporary stamp and housing design. Technal.


The pool cover: secure and increase the temperature of the water

Third possible solution to secure the pool, the cover to be certified must comply with the standard NF P90-308 which said flexible or rigid, it 'is to be performed, constructed or installed so as to prevent inadvertent children immersion less than five years, to resist the crossing of an adult and not to cause injury. This cover does not only secure the basin, said Fabien Ulpat, home T & A Belgian specialist in pool cover manufacturing. "The cover will reduce heat loss by reducing evaporation of water: the night closed basin, the temperature is maintained and an indoor pool may well win 3-4 degrees of temperature". Finally, another advantage of the cover, it ensures a perfectly clean pool in stemming the impurities.  

flexible pool blankets or rigid

Flexible or rigid, coverage can take various forms, to suit all configurations. Among the soft covers are, in particular the cover bar (More accessible in price from 1200 euros), a flexible covering that is placed over the pool for the cover and secure it. Made of a PVC coated fabric, maintained all along by aluminum rods, it has done its job of protection, with a few caveats though: this season covering 4 can be tedious to set up, after each use, with the risk that the user gives up the place. To avoid this, choose the bar covers that have winding systems effortlessly.  

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Evo bar coverage'Astralpool.

Evo bar coverage Astralpool.


To ensure a comfortable use, it is also possible to opt for a Automated flexible cover, some highly sophisticated products that made their entry on the market more recently, reminds us Frédéric Marmande, CEO Abridéal, French abriteur for over 35 years. "Some soft covers like cover above ground Neva marketed by Abridéal have the advantage of always being motorized and therefore ultra-simple to handle. You turn the key to operate the opening or closing, and in 30 seconds coverage is driven hydraulically to protect high basin ". Custom made and with a reinforced membrane 580 g / m2 UV resistant, this coverage available in several colors wraps around an axis at the end of the basin, in an exotic wooden chest making it invisible system . Allow between 10 and 15 000.  

Open the cover Neva s4enroule around'un axe en bout de bassin, dans un coffre en bois exotique, pour un système invisible. Couverture motorisée Néva. Entre 10 et 15 000 euros. Abridéal.

Open the cover Neva s4enroule around an axis at the end of the basin, in an exotic wooden trunk for an invisible system. Neva motorized cover. Between 10 and 15 000. Abridéal.


Finally, the pool covers can be rigid and take the form of shutters, mechanized or motorized. Protective and resistant (they are designed to be able to walk on without passing through), they consist of PVC or polycarbonate blades and a stainless steel or aluminum structure.  

This roller shutter is above ground in manual or motorized version. treated plastic cutter anti-UV and anti-stain. Unique design: inconspicuous fixing feet. French made. Price on request. shutter aboveground Carlit Astralpool.

This roller shutter is above ground in manual or motorized version. treated plastic cutter anti-UV and anti-stain. Unique design: inconspicuous fixing feet. French made. Price on request. shutter aboveground Carlit Astralpool.


Our advice: if you are looking for a discreet cover, opt for submerged parts (the mechanism is installed in the pool and the slides are held under the water surface), the above-ground parts (with apparent mechanism of the pool) is necessarily more imposing. Price aside, count about 5,000 euros for shutters above ground, posed for a pool of 8 x 4 m, against EUR 10 000 8 for submerged parts. 

The pool enclosure: safety and bathing comfort

Complies with NF P 90-309 and properly closed, the shelter is probably the most complete version of the pool protection: it allows to enjoy the pool safely while giving the opportunity to swim by all time under the shelter (unless it is low-profile) and in water that is still clean. To choose your pool enclosure, trust in ProAbris label launched by the Federation of Professionals in the Pool, it guarantees that the shelter meets a precise specification: "All the shelters do not have this label, warns Philippe Jungen, CTO Abridéal, so this is a guarantee of quality for the consumer. ours may rely, in addition, they are tested and proven by independent laboratories and display results far superior to those of standard for wind resistance (the shelter must withstand 100 kh / h according to the standard) and the weight (45 kg according to the standard) ".  

Featuring'un système télescopique breveté de claquetage, ce nouvel abri offre une ouverture et une fermeture personnalisables à souhait et une solidité à toute épreuve grâce à ses parois en verre trempé de sécurité, à ses panneaux supérieurs en polycarbonate anti-UV et à ses profilés réalisés en alliage d'alu thermolaqué certifié Qualicoat et Qualimarine. Le thermolaquage peut être à la teinte de votre choix pour l'harmoniser à votre maison. Monoguidage d'un seul côté. Abri mi haut télescopique Optimo, prix sur devis. Abridéal.

With a patented telescopic system claquetage, this new shelter provides an opening and a closing customizable at will and Robustness thanks to its tempered safety glass walls, its upper panels in UV polycarbonate and its profiles made of coated aluminum alloy certified Qualicoat and Qualimarine. The powder coating can be the color of your choice to match your home. Monoguidage one side. Telescopic cover Optimo mid high, price estimate. Abridéal.


Pool: choose a low enclosure or mid-high

If you are not comfortable with shelter too big, you may prefer probably low enclosure or mid-high (up to 1.80 meters high) which require no administrative formality provided they installed on an existing pool whose surface is between 10 and 100 sqm (unless the property is in site classified or protected area). The quality of materials is also a selection criterion, confirms Philippe Jungen: "The roof of the low shelter is usually polycarbonate, a material that will increase the temperature of 6 to 8 degrees, but some polycarbonates are guaranteed for 10 years and treated UV for excellent durability in time. for the structure, make sure also that the coated aluminum is certified Qualicoat ® ® and Qualimarine meaning that it is designed to withstand the marine environment. "  

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Its More? A contemporary design enhanced by its gray trendy and reduced height to a minimum making it ultra-compact and discreet. Telescopic cover Stretto. Price on request. Abridéal.

Its More? A contemporary design enhanced by its gray trendy and reduced height to a minimum making it ultra-compact and discreet. Telescopic cover Stretto. Price on request. Abridéal.


Different types of low or mid-height enclosures are marketed: shelter removable (You can identify and even remove completely the pool to clear the pool) is manual, it is recommended to select models with lifting crutches or patented systems such as 'étaimagics' in Abridéal (principle car hatchback ) simplifying the open / close to one person. Shelters sliding slide to open, one side or each side of the pool but require some storage space behind the pool (4 meters). The most requested are currently telescopic shelters made of nesting modules emboitant into each other to store the end of pool. To open, some models have rails on both sides of the pool, others like Abridéal developed patented systems called IdéalSlide ®), the Abridéal system consists of a set anti-tearing guide rail of one side of the pool that allows the shelter to remain always in the axis ensuring the correct position.  

Removable shelters are the cheapest (around 5960 euros delivered and installed without options for a pool of 8 x 4 m). Allow about 7995 euros for a sliding cover and from 9995 euros for a telescopic cover.  

Practical: the modules of'abri télescopique s'emboitent les uns dans les autres pour se stocker en bout de piscine. Abri télescopique Mezzo blanc. Prix sur devis. Abridéal.

Practical: the modules of the telescopic shelter fit together into each other to store the end of pool. Telescopic white Mezzo shelter. Price on request. Abridéal.


The shelter high: high-end protection

Best thing about this high cover (over 1.80 meters in height)? You can move up inside, creating a comfortable living space around the pool area. Before you start, consider making a prior declaration to the municipality or to request a building permit (classified areas ...). In the category of protective cover, the choice is between the telescopic shelter (same principle as for shelter there, it helps clear the pool completely in good weather), semi-permanent shelter (only can generate a part of the pool) and finally the fixed cover (ideal when lack of space). For added quality, some manufacturers offer high shelters with glass tempered safety sides, such as those proposed Emmanuel Perrot brand Aqua Telescopic "Our shelters are among the only ones in France to be certified EC: manufacture of glass toughened safety is a real guarantee of longevity. the shelter will be stronger, more resistant to wind and vibration and will remain very transparent for better integration into the landscape. " Finally, more upmarket, there are also high shelter whose roof itself is glass: very best design and soundproofed, they are also much more expensive (between 25 and 30 000 free delivered, installed and guaranteed for 10 years, as against 20 000 for a shelter polycarbonate roof).  

The'intérieur d'un abri haut devient une vraie pièce à vivre. Abri haut télescopique sans rails au sol de couleur blanche, verre trempé de sécurité sur les côtés et sur les façades. Rotonde en extrémité équipée d'une double porte.Prix sur devis. Aqua Telescopic.

Inside a high enclosure becomes a real living. Telescopic high enclosure without ground rails white, tempered safety glass on the sides and on the facades. Rotunda end equipped with a double porte.Prix estimate. Aqua Telescopic.

Aqua Telescopic

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