Tables plants, garden … How interfere nature into our homes?


Winter is coming, the cold sets in, but no way to get away from the nature! hanging planter, table-pot-plant tables, wall of water ... Discover 10 ways to invite nature into our interior.

1. Indoor plants lose their heads

No, you're not dreaming: the plants bend the head well down. Turn your vision of nature, save space and surprise everyone with this stunning new decor!  

Planter suspended ceramic. 3 dimensions: Medium, H 19 cm Ø x 16.5 cm; Small, H Ø 14 cm x 10.5 cm Mini H 12 cm x Ø 9 cm. 28 to 74 euros, Boskke at Made in Design.
2. Take the coffee around your plant

You do not want to separate you from your plant, but it begins to clutter and you do not have too much room to install your coffee table? This table-pot is the ideal compromise: it allows you to create a flat surface on a pot of 28 to 50 cm in diameter, with no need to cut your tree or plant. The pot becomes a table stand and tray showcases your plant. 

Table-pot two elements, design Adrien Gardère. 62 x 62 cm or 90 x 90 cm. Colors: black, white, gray, aubergine, khaki, orange, red and fuchsia. 198 euros the small model, 250 euros the great Company.
3. The vase goes flat

Usually high height, the vase is transformed and extends over a horizontal plane. With three holes to accommodate flush cut flowers, branches or leaves, this vase draws a thin puddle of water when filled. Flowers can it reflect Gentle.  

Vase & quot; map & quot; Sébastien Cordoléani. Comes in large or small, in Carrara marble or slate'Italie. De 190 à 360 euros, Moustache.
4. A vegetable garden in my kitchen!

Lack of space outside, not want to take the cold outside or simply no garden? Rest assured, this is not incompatible with having a little vegetable garden ... inside. Even better, you can easily vary the pleasures by changing your garden to suit your needs! 

Grow between 55 and 85 cm. Available in red, green and black. Available from mid-January 2012. Classic Version, from 99 euros; Premium version, from 179 euros, French Garden.
5. reinvent the space with plants

Suspended by cables, these planters are a vegetable curtain. Use them to reinvent your space by separating or decorating a wall. Play on diversity have in your pots, herbs, flowers of multiple colors, or even why not various objects and utensils.  

vegetable partition Etcetera, Design Vincent Vandenbrouck. Three rows of three pots. Bar length: 85 cm. Max Height: 300 cm / Diameter of advised container: 22 cm. 195 euros, not included jars Company.
6. Plants are roundness

With its magnets and suction cups, this little ball sticks everywhere. In the horizontal, vertical, she quickly found its place in the bathroom to the kitchen. Pleasant change becomes a breeze by choosing different colors and customizing the plant of space where you hang.  

Nina, the magnetic ball. Available from March 2012. 24 euros Vegetal Expert.
7. A wall of water to soothe our inner

Beyond aesthetics, water walls give a new look to your home. The fluidity of water provides a soothing ambience that will make you a fresh natural blast this winter.  

Left: wall'eau en ardoise,bac en finition béton ciré. 100 x 200 cm. Budget moyen : 6 000 euros TTC.À droite : structure en inox, miroir clair, 2 spots en inox et galets. 200 x 150 cm. Budget moyen : 7 500 euros TTC.Odzo.
8. A bit of art in the world of indoor plants

Pictures, paintings, yes ... it's beautiful, but it's everywhere. Bring back life to your pictures. And for that, what better than a living being exposed as a work of art?  

Tables plant. Left: Plants (Soleirolia). Right: mixture of Dracaena (Asplenium), Hedera and Anthurium. From 49,95 EUR Wallflower.
9. houseplants out furniture

You also you tend to drop multiple vases and flower pots on all your furniture? Why not innovate and grow your plants directly inside of them?  

Console Babylon, Jean-François Bellemère design. 115 x 35 cm, height 82 cm. lacquered steel and aluminum Epoxy. Colors: black, white, gray, aubergine, khaki, orange, red and fuchsia. 1310 EUR Company.
10. A screen close to nature

Both tutor and screen, this custom furniture has neither nails or screws. Composed of two flower pots, it will quickly climb on him the plant you have chosen. 

Flo-Flo by Jean-Luc Alfonsi. Wood birch plywood. From 500 to 750 euros, L'Edito.
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