Window picture window: comfort, light and better thermal insulation

Corner sliding brick partition with high energy performance. Game Vision Initial.


Your old windows are no longer the case? PVC or wood, single or double glazing, the window is reinvented. Still more aesthetic and insulating, the new generation window improves the comfort of home. Here are our tips to change.

The window has become a concentrate of innovations. It isolates, lights, vents and could turn into real soon connected object, the image of the prototype presented by FPEE ​​on Batimat 2013. This surprising window had a 'smart glass'' that can become opaque at will and turn into touchscreen for surfing the net. 

Increasingly bright window

Anyway, the windows on the market today, have never been insulated. The thin aluminum joinery, hidden and dormant opening offer maximum clarity. The sliding glass doors with multiple leaves, tighter, favor large glass surfaces. Brick partitions and sliding angle create large passages and perfect for better insulation. Finally, folding aluminum windows can be up to 3 m high. 

Sliding door window lifting'angle de grandes dimensions. Reynaers.

Sliding door window lifting angle large. Reynaers.


A window without overheating

The large glass windows facing south, encouraged by the current thermal regulations, let in the winter sun and help reduce heating consumption. But we must also think of the summer comfort. Certainly a good double glazing reduces overheating. But to the south and west, plan sunscreens. The windows including venetian blinds or fabric in the double glazing begin to develop. Advantage: no risk of deterioration and no change in the aesthetics of the facade or the interior. 

aluminum windows with high energy performance. Profiles systems.

aluminum windows with high energy performance. Profiles systems.

systems profiles

Increasingly thin window joinery

Making fine joinery windows, both highly insulating and capable of handling heavy double glazing is not an easy task. It took innovate. The most insulating aluminum joinery for example contain composite materials in their profiles to improve their thermal performance. Similarly, the finest new PVC joinery, with large glazed surfaces reinforce incorporating the fiberglass or stiffeners. Finally, mixed joinery are biased wood inside, for its insulating qualities and aesthetics. The outside, often aluminum, avoids tedious interviews. 

A window with various colors and finishes

Aluminum windows are available in a wide range of colors. Anodizing obtained by electrolytic treatment creates a metallic appearance (silver bronze) appreciated. Textured aspects, smooth, matte, grainy, sanded, also offer a little more decorative. Innovative: thermo-chromic lacquer proposed in particular by Technal. It changes color depending on the temperature. When it is hot, carpentry becomes clear. When it's cold it darkens to capture heat. Side PVC, the color palette is enriched and gray is causing a stir. 

sliding d'angle à galandage à haute performance énergétique. Game Vision, Initial.

Corner sliding brick partition with high energy performance. Game Vision Initial.


A double glazed window or tripe

Triple glazing is not growing much in France. His handicap: it forces to design thicker joinery and reduces natural heat inputs in winter. Is it really necessary? Apart guidance for due north in cold area or altitude, needless to move systematically towards such products. There are now reinforced insulation glazing Double quite effective. 

A component against the heat

The shutters, swing and sliding are an effective barrier against heat and reduce your cooling needs. You can motorize, whatever the configurations because there are even solutions powered by solar energy. 

New sliding shutters Medley wood. Thiebaut shutters.

New sliding shutters Medley wood. Thiebaut shutters.


Margages CE and NF

The CE marking of the window allows its marketing in France: it is therefore a selection criterion "minimum". If you want to be certain intrinsic qualities of products, regardless of the chosen material (wood, aluminum, PVC), orient yourself more towards NF certified windows. This certification also applies to doors. New sliding shutters, Medley wooden shutters Thiebaut. 

What window for tomorrow?

Latest trend: motorization. More and more manufacturers offer, especially for large sliding. Motorized windows now make life easier for people with reduced mobility, or equip the houses of luxury. But such products should soon grow under bioclimatic homes connected to ventilate summer just when it is necessary, for example. The technologies exist: yet to make them affordable. We dream already!  

Sliding aluminum motorized option. Schüco.

Sliding aluminum motorized option. Schüco.


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