shower, walk-in shower, storage bathroom: our solutions for a bathroom comfort

Leda - Sanijura

Can not decide between a walk-in shower or a shower, while having a designer valve and practical furniture? Here are 4 ways to give more comfort to your bathroom ...

1. The Well-being with a shower
Cab equipped'un sauna finlandais, de jets hydromassants, d'une douche cascade et zénithale. Finitions : bois et chromé. "Stockholm", 7 296 euros, Novellini chez Aubade.

Integral shower cubicle ready to pose consists of a recipient, a wall, an outlet bung and a column. The whole is a very simple set to install as it only requires a hot water inlet and cold water. This type of shower is available in various forms (square, rectangle or quadrant) and dimensions (70 x 70 cm to 120 x 80 cm) housed in an angle against a wall or even in a recess between two walls (Toothbrush, Duscholux, Espace Aubade, Kinedo Lapeyre). In a minimum of space, the cabin becomes a mini-hydrotherapy center when equipped with adjustable nozzles multijet (massaging, foaming and misting). In high-end version, it can integrate the sauna and steam function. 

Version hydromassage, this cabin consists XXL'un mitigeur thermostatique, d'une douche zénithale, d'une colonne multijets, d'une étagère et d'un siège escamotable. Portes en verre Sécurit. "Glax2", 2 847 euros€, Novellini chez Richardson.
Enclosed chamber, revolving doors in silkscreen safety glass"Corail", 1 359 euros, Leda.
2. elegance with a walk-in shower
Shower with'italienne, paroi de douche sans profilés. "Influence", 429 euros, Lapeyre.

Ideal for renovation, the shower "Italian" fits any space constraints with its integrated receiver in the ground. Fully tiled, it melts in the decor of the room. It is easily installed using recipients' ready for tiling ", available in standard sizes (Dural, Lazer, Wedi ...), which is cut if necessary the handsaw. On the team a drain trap placed at the center of panel (Wirquin ...) or a gutter positioned at the edge of the panel (Aco, Lapeyre ...), which, besides their elegant design, easy installation tiles. For special sizes can be ordered at Lapeyre panel to tile with custom integrated siphon. On one level, the walk-in shower is accessible to all and provides additional comfort for all ages. 

3. Economies with growing design taps
equipped'une télécommande digitale, ce robinet séduit aussi par sa forme élégante. Pratique, le galet de commande se fixe au mur ou sur le plan. "Ondus Veris", 899 euros, Grohe chez Lapeyre.

Replace an old mixer with "monoblock" mixer controls the temperature and flow of water with a single lever. One then has a constant temperature water (Over bath Hansa). It can also fall for the comfort of an "electronic" valve, which activates when it senses the approach of the user's hands through infrared light. Finally, we can decide to save water and energy by adopting a tap to "double stop" - the first halfway - or a model with a "vent" that enriches the water with the air to limit the flow rate while maintaining the same pressure (Grohe, Hansgrohe). 

Mixer with jet cascade. It incorporates a lighting system, which varies depending on the temperature'eau. En laiton chromé. "Manhattan Cascade Light", 439 euros, Lapeyre.
Design, this mixer features sleek and sculpted lines. Spout with integrated aerator."Design Allure", 857 euros, Grohe.
4. space savings with clever storage
Washstand consisting of'un plan en marbre de synthèse blanc brillant, d'un tiroir supérieur et d'un tiroir très profond avec 2 façades en partie inférieure.?"Pacific", 1 526 euros, Sanijura.

The bathroom has to be welcoming, friendly and functional, even when it is small. So we swapped our old furniture against more practical models. Inspired cooking facilities, they now have in place systems to enable smart cram everything into beauty. The basin cabinets offer drawers "English" wide and deep (Jacob Delafon Sanijura) with low-profile dump bungs (Geberit, Valentine Wirquin); metal lockers (Lapeyre) completely go out to put on hand favorite bottles; toilet cabinets are embedded discreetly in bulkheads and behind mirrors (Archibath). Finally, if you really need more space, opt for modules (racks, shelves ...) and small nomadic furniture (sideboards ...), they complement the storage space (Boffi, Castorama, Ikea, Leroy Merlin .. .). 

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