semi kitchen open to living room, with bar: new ideas

The trend semi-open kitchen to the living room or dining room is gaining ground. Without complicated jobs, maintains liaison with kitchen, living room or living room to create a new living room. Flexible and functional, this new development kitchen makes the space more friendly and gives the impression to earn a few m2. Sunroom, kitchen island, wall, sliding doors, hatch, map cob, bar... there are various ways of separating the kitchen from living without fully partition the spaces. Discover new semi-open kitchens offered by kitchen designers to close without closing completely. Then open or closed kitchen? Choose a semi-open kitchen >> Read also >> My Bar: my kitchen HQ

enlargesemi-open kitchen to the living room, behind a low wall

1- semi-open kitchen to the living room, behind a low wall- This semi-open kitchen colorful, red pepper and mat glossy white, is organized around two linear face to face, giving free entry to the room. On either side of a wall with column unfolds preparation / cooking module that extends the living room to get a snack corner for breakfast or a quick meal. Raised at its end, the wall obscures the work plan from the living room and is adorned with decorative bicolor niches. "mezzo", Socco'C, 3259 euros.

Socco&# 039; C

enlargesemi-open U-shaped kitchen

2- semi-open U-shaped kitchen- Light wood, this traditional-style kitchen is organized around a plan of return which partly closes lounge access. In the kitchen, it features comfortable seating and low storage side, you can enjoy a cozy bar. "Osalite"Kitchen Goal, Euro 1289 implementation types.


enlargeKitchen open or closed to you!

3- Kitchen open or closed to you!- malignant system integrally kitchen wall mounted, based composable modules. The whole area of ​​the folding opening worktop up may disappear from view, after completing service. Ability to adjacent cabinets suspended or floor to integrate appliances. "On / Off", Boffi Kitchen, Design Alberto Colonello price estimate.

Boffi Kitchen

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slideshow picturesenlargesemi-open kitchen to the living room with a bar and storage space

4- semi-open kitchen to the living room with a bar and storage space- Saving space, this kitchen nestled in the living room is bounded by the return of the work plan that partially closes the space as a leg covering storage base units. At the end, a niche and two drawers are accessible side stay. Selected from neutral colors, metallic gray and white, all blends in the decor. "Twist"Lapeyre, 599 euros implantation kind.


enlargesemi-open kitchen perfectly integrated in the living room

5- semi-open kitchen perfectly integrated in the living room- This upscale development aims to eliminate the identity of the kitchen in favor of a smooth integration into the decor of the lounge. We are in a space that is both open and closed. Large sliding glass facades mask lightly wall linear storage and ovens. Opposite, a partition wall isolates the kitchen remainder of the preparation space. Decorated with a plan in black Corian with integrated sink and natural oak fronts, it combines functionality and aesthetics. "Sketch", Pérène, price estimate.


enlargeOpen kitchen with bar

6- Open kitchen with bar- In this deco kitchen, semi-open on the stay, the return of the cob work plan allows you to split the room in two. Designed as a multifunctional space, this element gives access, side work, storage space with an extra work surface and relaxing side, a raised bar for a drink or breakfast. "Kitchen curved Fuchsia", Kitchen Plus, from 3507 euros.

kitchen More

enlargeSemi-open kitchen in the center of the living room

7- Semi-open kitchen in the center of the living room- In this configuration, the kitchen, although at the center of the living room, is forgotten and blends into a beautiful aesthetic unity by the play of black glossy lacquered finishes and light oak. On the one hand, sliding doors Max Dark gray glass with black lacquered aluminum profiles form a light and elegant partition. On the other, the cooking area remains invisible from the living room, the glass bar top, raised, ensuring the transition between the two spaces. "tallys", Mobalpa, price estimate.


enlargesemi-open kitchen with a bar hyperfunctioning

8- semi-open kitchen with a bar hyperfunctioning- In this hyperfunctional space, taking on the show, everything is calculated in detail. The kitchen is insulated behind a lower block perpendicular elements which closes the closing without connecting the two spaces. Against the wall, the work plan kitchen side bar becomes a stilted plane side stay. By extension, a low piece of furniture used for storage, living side and side kitchen cooking area. "Moda profile", Ixina, from 2496 euros.


enlargesemi-open kitchen with a central island

9- semi-open kitchen with a central island- Large sliding doors walnut decor match the wall units and worktop transform the kitchen, according to the moments and cravings, closed or communicating room. Convenient to block the bad odors when cooking or to hide the mess. And friendly, when receiving. "strass"Schmidt, from 6464 euros.


enlargesemi-open kitchen with a serving hatch

10- semi-open kitchen with a serving hatch- As in restaurants, a discreet flat pass with a venetian blind makes it easy to establish communication between the kitchen and the dining room for serving meals. And, once the blinds drawn, cooking fades from view. A light option to break down barriers of space, without any break. Leroy Merlin, price estimate.

Leroy Merlin

enlargearchitected kitchen open to the living

11- architected kitchen open to the living- In this sophisticated composition, the kitchen integrates perfectly the living area while remaining isolated behind a large module L, matt lacquered finish cappuccino silk, which partially closes the on itself. Ultra-functional, this partition member provides a work surface, sink, of low storage and finishes with a plated overhang wood welcoming the cooking plate and a snack space. "Filo Young", Comprex, price estimate.


enlargesemi-open kitchen to the living room

12- semi-open kitchen to the living room- Facing the elements of wall, a self snack plane attached to the wall forms the borderline between the kitchen and living room, without completely closing the space. Useful for eating, drinking, or serve as preparation plan, it hosts below a practical shelving unit for storing dishes. "Baby Doll"Aviva, price estimate.


enlargesemi-open kitchen to the dining room

13- semi-open kitchen to the dining room- This kitchen brushed with guava and graphite accents pushes boundaries with maximum worktop L which continues next stay. The storage part that closes the work space without impeding traffic, with its large sliding turned toward the living room, takes the form of a buffet. "Trend", Cuisinella, 2453 euros according implanting Type


enlargesemi-open kitchen to the living room

14- semi-open kitchen to the living room- Perfect harmony between the semi open kitchen and lounge around the breakfast top thanks to a set of materials and colors. Surrounding panoramic hob, plan snacks matt black glass, matched with wall units, stretches, overhanging, forming a friendly space to enjoy a drink or breakfast together. "Caviar"Darty, price estimate.


enlargesemi-open kitchen to the living room with snack plane

15- semi-open kitchen to the living room with snack plane- With its facades metallic blue acrylic and plans in dark aged wood, this composition punctuated by different levels plays discretion. In communication with the living room, she hides behind a spike dressed in a cabinet overflowing plan that hosts the cooking area and leaves a large space that can serve as preparation plan or snack plan. An elegant way to hide the technical parts, while allowing to easily switch from one space to another. "Astral Blue", Hygena, price estimate.


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