Repainting tiled bathroom: 3 Mistakes to Avoid with painting

Paint the bathroom tiles: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

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Giving a facelift to your bathroom without breaking the bank? Easy ! Think of repaint your walls and tile your floor. Side House enlightens you on the 3 mistakes to avoid in order to succeed tile makeover your bathroom ... The first? Start by choosing a suitable paint tiles and possibly consider the necessary undercoat before painting. On to properly paint your bathroom tile bathroom below ...

The state and the color of your bathroom tiles demoralize you. A makeover is necessary and you do not want to turn your bathroom into dusty construction site for several weeks. Painting tile provides a clear and quick results. It should not be confused with thecoated tile, another coating solution, but which permanently deletes the aspect "floor tile" original. 

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The'enduit pour carrelage de mur et plan de travail ne doit pas être confondu avec la peinture pour carrelage de salle de bain. L'aspect final devient complètement lisse ( ici aspect béton ciré) contrairement aux peintures qui conservent l'aspect d'origine. Masque sans sous couche : Masqu'carrelage de Maison Déco. 39,90 euros environ pour 5 m2.

The coating for wall tiling and work plan should not be confused with the paint to tile bathroom. The final aspect is completely smooth (polished concrete appearance here) unlike paintings that retain the original appearance. Mask without undercoat: Masqu'carrelage House Deco. 39,90 euros for 5 m2.

House Deco

If you choose to paint, remember that paint a bathroom tile requires method and rigorous execution. Better to avoid the main mistakes beginners.  

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Error # 1: buy its paint products for tiles at random, without inquire.

Choose only products tailored to your tile painting. The tiles goshawks a bath or shower will indeed strained. The regular use of acid detergent or an abrasive sponge elsewhere may quickly deteriorate your pretty painting, even upscale. It will always rinse with clear water or a mild soap ... But avoid the low-end offerings (first prize with the words "all media" for example).  

Some paints for tiles need an underlay for joining the tiles, not. It all depends on their composition: read the labels. 

The primer (or undercoat) must be perfectly adapted to the support to really keep (it must contain a hardener). It is designed to provide a well compacted surface on which the paint will adhere to. Look for the indication 'Tiles' on the pot.  

painting side tile: Avoid matt finishes that will leave to see the splash. Opt for satin paints or even better, glossy finishes a closer look tiles. 

Paints for tiles that have not need underlay should be avoided on bathroom tiles stone type of bathroom (very absorbent substrate). Go here for a specific primer that will well waterproof the tile surface. 

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Two component epoxy paint in aqueous phase for floors and walls. ULTRA SOLMUR A Zolpan.

Two component epoxy paint in aqueous phase for floors and walls. ULTRA SOLMUR A Zolpan.

Studio Erick Saillet. ZOLPAN

Mistake # 2: not having prepared the floor of his bathroom

For every painting, the bathroom is well ventilated, clean and dry. Remove any presence of moisture.  

Start by breaking the gloss of the tile (the varnish) with a hand sanding or an electric sander. This will then allow the paint (direct installation) or sub-layer to adhere well, otherwise they will "slip" on the floor.  

Then thoroughly clean the tiles with a cloth soaked in alcohol or acetone or with a slightly abrasive laundry (type St. Mark). Remember seals: scrape them, because any presence of impurities will degrade the quality of the finish.  

Be especially careful with tiles, especially if they have been lubricated linseed oil

Eliminate finally all the silicone seals, because the paint tile does not take over. 

Zolpan bathroom tile paint.

Zolpan bathroom tile paint.

krooogle - Fotolia. Zolpan

Mistake # 3: ignore the instructions of the paint bathroom tile

- Work at the right temperature, between 15 and 20 ° c. Cut the floor heating to your bathroom for the duration of the work, including at the time of drying.  

- Respect to the letter of application time. Some two-component products are mixed just before painting and must be applied in one hour .... If you exceed the exposure time indicated on the package, you may have very unpleasant surprises. With a large bathroom, try to divide the room into several areas, to paint one piece (the connections must not be visible). And every space, a can of paint!  

solvent-free paint based on epoxy resin to install without undercoat. Sold as Atmosani Kit. 85 euros. Atmos.

solvent-free paint based on epoxy resin to install without undercoat. Sold as Atmosani Kit. 85 euros. Atmos.


- Apply the paint with tile method. On the ground always start with the side of the farthest bathroom door: you will have less trouble ... out! The first coat of paint must be completely stretched and smoothed to obtain a uniform end result. At the wall tiles: attention to the risk of runs, if we load the roll too. Paint if possible to the ceiling, even if the floor is not going to the top. The water will not drip and behind the tiles. 

- Let dry well. With an underlayer, wait at least 24 hours before removing the paint finish. Emphasize at the joints (they tend to absorb a lot).  

After the second coat of paint, if possible wait 72 hours before using your bathroom (you can walk on the floor after 48 pm but slippers ... and do not place furniture). 

Finally, do not forget to redo the grout the entire bathroom, or else watch leak! 

blue tile painting Pantone 12-4606 Clearwater Tollens

blue tile painting Pantone 12-4606 Clearwater Tollens


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