Walk-in Shower: 3 defects to know

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Elegant design, light, spacious sometimes ... The walk-in shower dream. Still, this shower system includes requirements that must be known before embarking on renovating her bathroom and installing this type of shower.

The walk-in shower, we all want. But if it is unanimous aesthetic side, it entails a cost and installation constraints in the bathroom sobering. Explanation 3 points. 

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1. The Italian shower involves substantial installation work

Will offer a real Italian shower needs to take a number of obstacles, not the least, especially in the case of a renovation. It must first verify that it is possible to embed the entire system in the floor: receiver, evacuation ... This involves disbursing the ground in order to incorporate a siphon with a minimum of 90 mm diameter drain and minimum pipe diameter of 50 mm capable of providing rapid drainage of water, while maintaining a slight slope (between 1 and 3 cm per meter). But it may be that the process of installing a walk-in shower is not feasible technically. In this case, to solve the flow problem, you have to raise the floor of the bathroom with heavy work to the key or to raise the shower on a step, eliminating the single effect foot. What is less practical and beautiful. Even dangerous if we miss the walk! 

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Space saving. This gutter as a piece trough with trap, with only 89 mm Underfloor facilitates the installation of'une douche à l'italienne, même en rénovation. Livré avec un DVD d'installation et une bâche d'étanchéité. Disponible en 4 longueurs et plusieurs finitions.. "Venisio expert", Wirquin, 393 euros + grille, de 239 à 650 euros.

Space saving. This gutter as a piece trough with trap, with only 89 mm Underfloor facilitates the installation of a walk-in shower, even under renovation. Comes with installation DVD and a sealing cover. Available in 4 lengths and several finishes .. "Venisio expert", Wirquin, 393 euros + grid, from 239 to 650 euros.


2. The sealing problems in a walk-in shower

To prevent the dream shower only nightmare, it should pay special attention to the design of the walk-in shower and first of the sealing which must be impeccable. For total reliability must make perfectly hermetic shower space, especially if your bathroom is located on the floor of your home or apartment. All elements used including soil grouting / wall should be water repellent or hydrophobic. If it does not, you'll soon fees. Infiltration could cause damage (peeling tiles, blistering paint, musty odors, flooding the lower floors of the house or apartment). For the same reasons, it is also advisable to ask a hydromassage shower column in a in shower whose evacuation might be insufficient

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All in one. Complete Shower System to'italienne prêt à installer avec panneau d'étanchéité en mousse de polystyrène expansé haute densité, siphon de sol, membrane adhésive pour sol et mur et sol décor en Corian version blanc lumière offrant un sol parfaitement plat. 90 x 90 et 120 x 120 cm. "Shower Design Panodur Urban White", Lazer, 1246, 87 € en 90 x90 cm 1863,88 euros en 120 x 120 cm.

All in one. complete system in shower ready to install with sealing panel high density expanded polystyrene foam, floor drain, adhesive membrane for floors and wall and floor decor Corian white light version of providing a perfectly flat ground. 90 x 90 and 120 x 120 cm. "Shower Design Panodur Urban White"Lazer, 1246 87 € in 90 x90 cm 1863.88 euros 120 x 120 cm.


3. The intervention of a trained professional to install a walk-in shower

The installation of a walk-in shower does not supportamateurism. The project, to be completed, requires the expertise of a qualified professional able to offer ten-year guarantee of the book. Each configuration is a special case, it is better to study the matter in advance and never embark on the adventure with the first comer.  

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Zen. This support frame for'évacuation murale de la douche à l'italienne se raccorde aux conduites de descente et d'arrivée d'eau. Une solution idéale pour la rénovation notamment lorsque la chape est de faible hauteur. On peut l'associer à un receveur prêt à carreler proposé en 5 tailles. Geberit, à partir de 350 euros le bâti support et à partir de 560 euros le receveur.

Zen. This support frame to the wall of the discharge in shower is connected to the down pipes and water supply. An ideal solution for renovation in particular when the screed is of low height. It can be associated with a loan recipient to tile available in 5 sizes. Geberit, from 350 euros the support frame and from 560 euros the recipient.


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