Repaint floor tile: mistakes to avoid

Repainting its floor tile: 6 mistakes to avoid


Your tile pretends gray you want to revamp your repaint the soil and avoid heavy work. But is this really feasible? What are the tricks to easily paint the tiles ? How to avoid disappointment? Here are some answers to give new life to your tile without wrong!

Before you jump in painting your floor tile, better anticipate problems to get a result that meets your expectations: think about the feasibility of the project and follow each implementation step. Côté Maison guide you! 

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Error # 1: want to repaint the floor of a crowded room

Painting tile can give a facelift to the ground, but it is not really designed to support addicts stilettos or small daily assaults linked to children's games. Reason as if you were to put a pretty fragile prosecutor who resents scratches.  

Painting tile is more appropriate for the room type room bathroom, toilet, office, master bedroom or friends, library. Under normal conditions of use, holding painting tile is guaranteed 5 years. 

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Error No. 2: seeking to repaint a smooth tile and polished

In theory, painting tile fits all types of materials. But in practice, most tile is porous, the more paint will adhere!  

If your tile is very smooth and very bright, the paint will be very difficult to fix and it does not take place in time. Unless involve a sander to abrade and create adhesion ... Too bad all the same. 

Mistake # 3: imagine that the floor tiles painted then will look the same as the original

If you repaint a floor tile, say goodbye to the old look, even if you have found a similar color. The paint will cover the joints and marry the reliefs. But why not take the opportunity to let your creativity with games of colors and patterns? 

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painted Floor tiles

painted Floor tiles


Mistake # 4: neglect the preparation of painted tiles

As often in painting, surface preparation determines the success of the finish. If you neglect this step, you will not get a uniform and durable surface.  

First degrease the floor tile with a slightly abrasive product like laundry Mark. Rub well seals. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth and let dry well. Remember to protect as switches and baseboards. 

Mistake # 5: wanting to save on paint material

Take quality paints and suitable equipment (brush, roller, brush) for satin paint. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package. absolutely Do not dilute the paint for floor tile to save. Otherwise, it will not adhere to the tiles and furniture will stall at the slightest movement ... 

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Mistake # 6: Do not leave enough for the paint to dry floor tile

For a perfect fit, painting tile is deposited at least 2 layers. We must work very carefully. Make a uniform application (on the floor tiles and joints) in one piece. Avoid lumps and dust grains because it will then be possible to sand. Carefully follow the drying time because it is an acrylic paint. 

The first coat of paint requires between 12 and 24 hours of drying. After the second layer, it will take 24 hours to walk over barefoot or in slippers (no heels!) And 72 hours to finally put any furniture.  

Suffice to say that if you have decided to repaint the tiled floors of your bathroom, it is better to have foreseen that of neighboring squatter during the work! 

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