Repaint the wall or floor tiles: our tips and everything you need to know

pro tips to repaint its tiles


Many of you are no longer bear the sight of your tile. Obsolete, damaged, your old tiles do not reflect the image you want to give your home decor. Rest assured, there is a solution to your problem. Other than a yard long and outright demolition of your soil, opt for painting on tiles. Some essential however to know before you start. To not go wrong, here are the tips of a pro paint!

What can I repaint tile? What equipment to use and above all how to do it? Catherine Giraud, Assistant painting of the Central Purchasing Leroy Merlin sheds light on the points to know before undertaking this work, and guide you in your purchases with a selection shopping ... 

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1. What tile can be repainted?

All tiles, without exception, can be repainted. Whether large or small tiles is not a problem. With brushes and paints available today, it is very easy to cover the floor. With opacifying paintings, even the dark tiles opposes more resistance. It takes often a second layer, but the result is convincing. The most important remains to adapt their equipment to the tiles that they are trying to cover. 

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pro tips to repaint its tiles

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2. Use the right equipment to paint tiles

Many are disappointed, are faced with a result far below their expectations. While it is not always easy solutions, tools and good quality paint used to approach the desired rendering.  

To repaint the wall tiles, three solutions are possible: - directly paint the tile with a painting "live tiles"- use a colored resin. Note that the color range is less important for this type of product. - file a specific sub-layer that will allow a better grip. It is preferable in terms of handling and allows you to choose the color that you want.  

To repaint the floor tiles, it's a bit more complicated. Two options are available: - the products to be applied directly to the soil. The joints are well visible. - the polished concrete that is applied layer thick enough. All your tile is then hidden. 

Before starting your work and your purchases to repaint the floor, so take the time to think about made you want to reach. 

As for the hardware: a roller rechampir for angles and a good roll is needed.  

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pro tips to repaint its tiles

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3. Repaint tiles: a mission accessible to all

Painting tile remaining quite expensive (59.90 euros for 2 liters), you can definitely direct you to the sub-layer option. It thus leaves you the option to choose the paint you want. The ideal for a successful color, good performance and an affordable price (from 34,90 euros for 2.5 liters). 

Repainting its tiles, is not so difficult as it seems. Level time for a kitchen of about 10m2, expect one or two days maximum. It's a site that you can easily carry on a weekend.  

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pro tips to repaint its tiles

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4. Tips and Tricks for repainting tiles

Do not hesitate to be generous on the amount of paint, this allows the soft and promotes a better rendering. If your biggest fear regarding the holding of the paint, go for the resin. Extremely reliable, it holds over time. 

Note, it is not advisable to use a matte painting in a damp room, around a shower or a sink for example.  

If you want to keep your visible joints, do not skimp on the finish. Using a paint pen, for example, you can revive the brightness of your joints in a wink. 

Last thing: this seems obvious, but it is important to remember. It is imperative to respect the instructions given on the paint. Especially not to burn stages, and take your time. 

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pro tips to repaint its tiles

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5. A selection of material to paint the tiles

Sublayer high adhesion tile, 0,5 l, 11 euros the'unité, Luxens. Peinture sol intérieur Decolab sol 100% carrelage, gris perle, 0,75 l, 39,90 euros l'unité, V33. Résine colorée Color, Blanc, 0.25 l, 25,90 euros l'unvité, Résinence. Rouleau Dexter. Enduit Masqu'carrelage et mur, Gris urbain, 9 kg, 47,90 euros l'unité, Maison Deco.

Sublayer high adhesion tile, 0,5 l, 11 euros each, Luxens. interior floor paint Decolab 100% ground floor, gray, 0.75 l, 39.90 euros each, V33. colored resin Color White, 0.25 l, 25.90 euros unvité, Resinence. Rouleau Dexter. Masqu'carrelage plaster wall, Urban Gray, 9 kg 47.90 euros each, Deco House.

Leroy Merlin

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