Laying floating floors: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Affixing&# 039; a floating floor: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Leroy Merlin

Laying a floating floor is easier and faster than a solid wood floor and, in addition, it is not expensive. All the conditions are therefore met for the plunge. But are you sure to have thought of everything? An error on the selection or installation of floating floors could cost you. Do you know the precautions to take, did you choose a suitable piece, do you have underfloor heating, have you underlayment suitable ... Here are 5 pitfalls to properly lay a parquet floor at home and power fully enjoy it in the living room or bedroom.

Installing a floating floor (Or laminated) is a task for everyone. It requires little equipment, not too dirty and not expensive. You just clean and dry the floor before asking his floor; then install the floating layer of the floor and the clip floorboards floating therebetween. However, to obtain satisfactory and lasting results, it is imperative to avoid making mistakes when asking the parquet ... 

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Error # 1: ask a parquet floor in a kitchen or hall

In the kitchen, hot and oily spills or falling objects will quickly degrade your floor it will often grind. Alas, unlike a solid wood parquet, laminate flooring can not be sanded much because his noble wood layer is sufficiently reduced.  

In a hall, stilettos and grit are also frequently scratch the surface.  

The parquet floor is therefore more suitable for a bedroom or living room. You can also ask laminate flooring in a bathroom, but the surface has to be adapted with a gas such as teak and merbau resistant to moisture.  

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Mistake # 2: choose a fragile floating floors in a child's room

The laminated flooring has become a very decorative product, with rich colors. But in a child's room, the laminate flooring will be put to the test! Some species such as Moabi more resistant to impact. also preferably opt for wood clear or bleached floating floor and then with oiled or matt varnish. The shadows (black, gray, brown) are better suited to a rest room.  

Finally, do not forget to check if the floating floor has an air quality label A +. This is best for your child.  

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Mistake # 3: Install a floating floor on uneven ground

The floating floor requires a perfectly flat floor (no ripple). Its triple layer gives it great strength and a certain lack of flexibility. Do not hesitate to ask bricklayer upgrading (patching). Then wait until everything is completely dry before removing the floating floor. It does not support humidity. 

Make also come the plumber and the electrician to change troublesome pipes or add sockets for example, before installing the underlayment and floating floors. Otherwise you may suffer big damage then! 

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Mistake # 4: put a floating floor without a suitable underlay

This is a very important detail. The underlay must protect from moisture (vapor barrier is required), but also isolate a thermal and acoustic point of view. It will therefore often install two sub-layers with different properties (1 vapor barrier and one sound for example) or when a sublayer "2 in 1". 

A floating floor also transmit more noise than a glued parquet, because of the air layer situated beneath: it facilitates resonance. When selecting the underlayer, it will choose between insulate impact sound (Falling Object) or isolating transmission noise (noises in the housing). Because it corresponds to different design sub-layers. 

Mistake # 5: Set up any floating floors with underfloor heating

All floating floors are not compatible with underfloor heating, reversible or not. It should not be too thick (otherwise insulate too) and size of blades adapted (not too wide). Better to entrust the installation of such a floating flooring to a professional, not wrong. 

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