price equipped kitchen: new top 30 best kitchen designers

Kitchen: the new top 30 best kitchen designers



You want changing kitchen "all cost" and looking for a kitchen designer to complete your project. kitchen, semi-open or closed, with island, kitchen L, U ... what type of kitchen tent you and at what price? According to the materials, equipment, size, quality ... the price of the food varies. To help you in your project, listed the home side leading kitchen designers kitchens and sellers of all kinds: contemporary, design, classic ... both cheap and luxury. This list will help you find the kitchen specialist most suited to your desires and needs, and of course your budget. The well equipped kitchen of your dreams is just a click away.

Choosing a kitchen designer is the key to a well fitted kitchen, equipped with beautiful furniture and practical! And like the price of food is often high, better not to err on the choice of kitchen designer. Côté Maison think of you and you drew the mapping of the kitchen specialists by price. These kitchen designers are thus classified into three categories: the most accessible kitchen designers, the most upscale kitchen designers and the most luxurious kitchen designers. 

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1. kitchens at low prices

Atlas of all inclusive packages

Specialist furniture throughout the house, Atlas has two kitchen furniture ranges. The contemporary range includes 26 models that showcases the matt or glossy colors, and metal effects. The range charm account, meanwhile, two kitchen furniture models, cozy Provencal or English style where wood reigns supreme with door frame and rechampies finishes. For smaller budgets, Atlas also offers 4 basic packs including furniture, worktops and appliances for a kitchen whose price ranges from 1 499-3 000. Price: from 3400 to 5500 euros, implantation type appliances included. 

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Aviva, the specialist low-cost kitchens

The objective pursued since 2000 by the founders of Aviva kitchens is to offer a range of quality kitchens price low-cost. To be competitive, they optimize their purchases among the largest manufacturers of the kitchen industry and negotiate exclusive ranges. Aviva kitchens also have completely redesigned the concept of their stores, with, at the entrance, VIP kitchens signed leading designers and individual sales areas allowing the customer to follow on screen creating their kitchen. Every 6 months, Aviva unveils ten cheap kitchen models to the latest trends to complement the collections declined in a wide range of models including more than 200 facades. Price: between 4500 euros and 6000 euros Appliances included. 

Castorama, cooking and much more

In 1969, at the time of its creation, Castorama aspired to bring together in one place hardware, wood, electricity, wallpaper ... Today's offer includes Castorama the frame, decoration, bathroom and cooked. In addition to its 18 kitchen furniture models, Castorama offers a wide range of accessories to create the kitchen of her dreams. The kitchen Casto 3D software, downloadable from its website, allows 3 questions and a few clicks to get the right solutions and a quote online before you even get in stores. Price: from 169 to 1099 euros implanting kind. Such. 0810104 104. 

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Conforama, the tailor, even on a budget

Conforama, the furniture specialist offers to find your food among its 24 models according to your budget (less than 600 euros for cheap kitchen, less than 1000 euros or more than 1000 euros), the desired style (authentic, contemporary , charming or classic) and implementation. Then you have the choice of opting for delivery or not, or for installation or not. Conforama also offers a wide range of brand appliances. Price: from 349 euros implanting kind. Such. 0 890 71 05 15. 

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Cuisinella, priority to low prices and the environment

Since its creation in 1992, Cuisinella particularly focusing on the target " young living " with some "affordable prices". This kitchen designer has 240 stores in France and is one of the brands of the group SELM, 1st French manufacturer of kitchen furniture, which also owns the famous Schmidt kitchens, more premium. A guarantee of quality. Three kitchen model ranges are proposed: Authentic, classic, design. Kitchen furniture Cuisinella are guaranteed for 5 years. Price: from 1580 to 3550 euros implanting kind. 

More Kitchen, kitchens to ultra custom map

10,000 possible combinations of 100 models and over 200 colors facades, this is what promises kitchen More, the mark of the Snaidero group with over 70 stores in France. With a bid that around 3 ranges: "vitamin", Colorful, the "contemporary", Ultra glossy and glamorous and "family house", Or traditional design, she grows the ultra-personalization. Another advantage: it works only cuisiniste recognized quality supplier, French and German, which made sustainable development their priority. And accompanies the customer in its efforts through a series of tools: "Studio Lab", a laboratory that brings together all the samples produced (handles, facades ...) "More 3D Kitchen", playful downloadable software to design his cooking from his computer and "3DBox", for a presentation of its future sized kitchen in a room with projection and 3D glasses. Price: from € 3,000 implanting kind. 

Hygena, kitchens for prices

Founded in 1925 in England, the brand Hygena the modern kitchen is both simple and innovative. Its kitchens designed for everyday life combine design, functionality and accessibility. Product quality and best price guarantee as part of the brand's values. You can choose between a twenty of kitchen furniture models with the possibility of multiple combinations to customize your project. A Hygena 3D design tool allows a few clicks to design your kitchen from home. You can also opt for the "Support Pack Installation" that allows for a tailor-made support. Price: between 2000 and 4000 euros implantation kind (excluding costs of installation and delivery). 

Ikea, the kitchen cheap kit, scalable and hyper functional

Submit to as many people and at prices more affordable, aesthetic kitchens where bonus feature, this is the philosophy ofIkea, Swedish furniture giant implanted in France for 30 years. Launched in 2014, the new range Ikea Kitchen Metod which comes in all styles, modern and traditional, multiplies combinations (there are up to 16,000!) and space-saving tricks. Flexibility is the new watchword, with ergonomic solutions for integration in all areas: duplication furniture modules of various sizes, variety of drawers ... Finally, the installation of the kitchen Ikea is Metod simplified by a rail system. Ikea also offers self storage to extend to other parts style of cuisine and a wide range of appliances and accessories. Design support at home, delivery and installation are possible. Read: the catalog Ikea kitchen. Price: from 295 to 685 euros implanting kind. Such. : 0892300 100. 

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Lapeyre, custom kitchens at the best price

Wood specialist since 1931 Lapeyre has over 150 kitchen designs, in all styles, contemporary and authentic, as well as hundreds of countertops, tiles and accessories, and the biggest home appliance brands. With two key ranges, manufactured at its plant in the Cantal and PEFC certified: the "Starry" declined in 120 colors and 250 types of furniture and wells, and the "Access", 7 kit models including 180 types of furniture. In addition, Lapeyre offers many services in-store or via its website: personalized support to home installation, 3D software to design the plans of the future kitchen and provide an instant estimate of its cost, tool "color pallet" which allows you to view all available colors in the kitchen model selected and the opportunity to order her kitchen online without leaving home. Price: from 399 to 1919 euros implanting kind. 

Leroy Merlin, kitchens in packs or call

The former American Stock born in the Pas-de-Calais in 1923 has become a giant furnishings, decoration and kitchens. From the kitchen to the real kitchen to call, anything is possible with Leroy Merlin kitchens. For smaller budgets and mini surfaces Spring program (Kitchen cheap) put on packs all inclusive including furniture and appliances. With the Delinia program, you are the conductor to imagine your kitchen. On the menu of Leroy Merlin Delinia kitchens: 43 sizes of boxes, 36 doors formats and drawers and 42 facades in three styles, standard work plans or custom, credenzas, sinks, taps and numerous storage solutions . Price: from 269 to 800 euros implanting kind.  

SOcoo'c, clever kitchens Budget

Founded in 2007 by the Fournier Group (Mobalpa kitchen designer, kitchen designer Pérène) teaches Socoo'c kitchen is distributed in over 30 stores in France. His credo: to offer smart kitchen and French quality, low price. All cheap kitchen furniture benefit from the eco-label NF Environment Furniture. The offer is limited to twenty models in a modern style, available in several colors and classic or fancy finishes. Socooc's also offers appliance mini price packages and a la carte services: 3D configurator, delivery, installation, financing ... Price: from 2500 euros implanting kind. Tel: 04 50 19 September 39. 

Teissa, designer kitchens with French and accessible

Located in Charente Maritime for over 30 years, Teissa designs, produces and markets high quality fitted kitchens and worked aesthetics. Its catalog includes 67 trend kitchens, modular to infinity (Worktop, accessories, interiors ....), which focus on nature with crude and natural materials such as wood, glass or aluminum and natural colors such as gray, beige or brown. All woods used are certified PEFC and the most popular models are available 15 days 4 weeks after order. A record! Price: 4000 euros, the average basket excluding fitting out appliances. 

2. cuisinistes more upscale quality

Arthur Bonnet, designer kitchen designer trends

Arthur Bonnet is a kitchen designer who has over 85 years of experience in the layout of the kitchen and customized design including a genuine expertise in working with wood and lacquer. Bought in 2000 by the Snaidero group, Arthur Bonnet kitchen designer today put on a partnership policy with the greatest French designers. With average original kitchens and upscale conveying the values ​​of tradition, elegance and conviviality in French. With over 95 exclusive dealers, Arthur Bonnet network offers two ranges of kitchen furniture "Signatures lines" and "collections"More focused on personalization, 26 models including 5 designed by designers, 86 colors ... For each project, ergonomics and flexibility are emphasized: convertible worktop dining table, kitchen island with hinged flaps benches equipped with storage drawers ... Price: 13 000 euros the average basket (Furniture, appliances, accessories, installation). 

Chabert Duval, a pro in the kitchen born in 1948

The kitchen brand Chabert Duval develops original creations, good value, produced in its mills and marketed through a network of specialized distributors. The company controls all the expertise necessary to manufacture a kitchen, from the selection of raw materials to finishes. The offer Chabert Duval is divided into three kitchen collections: "trends", a contemporary line that gives pride to aesthetics, "Bois of our time", with timeless designs and provincial charm "the Metals" for a style 100% high tech. Price: on request. Such. 03 85 44 63 33. 

Darty, kitchens AZ

From home appliances to the kitchen, there was only one step. Darty has passed and became cuisiniste. In its 20 stores equipped kitchen with a radius, Darty today offers more than 30 different models 1500+ combinations of materials and colors for furniture and work plans, more than 100 models of sinks and faucets and accessories. Once the choice is made, Darty handles everything from planning to equipment through the monitoring of the site, the quality of service being the highlight of the brand. Price: from 3000 euros all inclusive. Tel: 0980985 985. 

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Mobalpa, cooking for your lifestyle

family kitchen, laboratory, living or American, it is the different solutions proposed by the cuisiniste Mobalpa to create a real living room inviting, perfectly integrated in its environment. All kitchens are designed and manufactured in its own production site in Thônes (Haute Savoie) and are marketed through its 370 outlets. The decor, the catalog Mobalpa kitchens offer a wide choice of 294 finishes facades, handles 57, 107 colors work plans ... and a collection of accessories (sink, faucet, table, bar, lighting .. .) and personalization (work plans of 66 to 104 cm tall, drawers come standard with a modular cell iPractis system, integrated spotlights in furniture flower ...). Everything is designed in every detail for create a kitchen where ergonomics and comfort reign. Price: from € 4,000 (Excluding installation). Tel: 610 0810710  

Pérène: personalization foremost

Based in Haute-Savoie, the Pérène cuisiniste designs each kitchen as a unique meeting place between the history of the customer, desires, tastes, needs and high quality products of controlled channels. With the desire to enroll more in the professional kitchen designing kitchen designs combining design and performance. Nothing is too good for these kitchens Pérène that privilege contemporary lines (Lacquers, integrated handles, islands ...) and beautiful beautiful materials (Corian, granite ...). You can also choose the color that suits you in a palette of 1,640 colors facade declined in many finishes: satin, glossy, brushed patina, wiped ... Even sophisticated side interior fittings and furniture lighting (light credenza, funds illuminating furniture ...). Note that all wood used by the Pérène are PEFC certified kitchen designer. Price: on request.Tel: 04 50 18 September 00. 

Schmidt: a kitchen designer who loves wood and colors

Specialist wood furniture from the 30s, the cuisiniste Schmidtoffers 38 custom kitchen models with 126 colors facades lacquer or wood decor and 80 colors of worktops 80 different handles in a classical or contemporary style for a personalized décor guaranteed. With nearly 1,000 variants wooden facades (sandblasted, brushed, grooved boards because rechampi patina ....), wood remains its forte. The ergonomics of Schmidt kitchen furniture is not left with innovative storage and amenities. curtain furniture, vertical niches, angles systems, wall units deeper, retractable strip ... are part of the latest innovations. Price: from € 6,000 excluding installation appliances. 

3. The most luxurious cuisinistes

Boffi, ultra-designer kitchens and avant-garde

Made to measure, Boffi kitchens of the Italian brand are characterized by an ultra-contemporary aesthetics and absolute sobriety, in the style of minimalist design. Appliances disappear from sight, the handles are invisible, the always clever storage and equipment on top of technology. Signed of the sharpest designers, Boffi designer kitchen models are designed as living spaces luxurious that make a showcase for natural materials such as Corian, the stainless steel or solid wood. From nomadic kitchenette grouped in a cubic meter in the single room in the heart of a Haussmann apartment, through the linear kitchen hidden behind sliding doors, each Boffi creation is extraordinary. Price estimate. 

Neptune, kitchens in British charm

English brand founded in 1996, Neptune offers Deco collections, such as tableware, linens and furniture, but not that. In a decidedly country chic spirit, the company has developed a kitchen planning offer, centered around four refined models: Chichester, Henley, Limehouse and Suffolk. All made of wood - oak, poplar or birch - Neptune kitchens emphasize natural shades, carefully piochées in the paint palette of the brand. Lifetime warranties, Neptune kitchens invite themselves in style in the charming interiors. Price: on request. www.neptune com 

Bulthaup, designer kitchens and timeless

German specialist kitchens upscale design, kitchen manufacturer Bulthaup combines technical innovation and craftsmanship: perfect lakes, massive wood from sustainably managed forests and sanded by hand, Smart storage solutions... Arrange, organize, store is the slogan of this master of the blueprint, which offers ultra functional design kitchens as sculptural and simple lines in the spirit of the Bauhaus. His latest model: the kitchen B1 is a younger and fewer resources without denying anything about the design and quality of materials. Price estimate. Such. 03 89 23 08 16. 

Cesar Arredamenti, chic cuisine Italian

By 1969, the Italian kitchen designer Cesar Arredamenti has offered its customers a kitchen American-style, that is to say, modular, flexible and dynamic. In the 80s, it was a precursor to the design level. Today, without denying his roots, he plays the simplicity card with stripped and stylish designs, pure and graphic lines, simple materials and quality, original finishing. Based on modularity, architected its kitchens optimize implantation and customize staged to register naturally in their environment. The collection also includes some traditional models, timeless charm. Price estimate. 

Comprex iconic Italian design kitchen designer

Custom colors on demand, functional design, modularity and attention paid to characterize manufacturing the kitchen Comprex. Born thirty years ago from the desire to create kitchens that meet the new trends of habitat and behavior change, the company Comprex is already among the top twenty Italian kitchen manufacturers and has 80 outlets in France. The wide choice of modules allows the production of highly customized projects and design of harmonious ensembles form space kitchen / living room. The collection includes a dozen models in Version Young Class and Glamor, with an average every 10 finishes declined facades in a wide range of standard colors. Theentire offering of Comprex kitchen has been designed to be accessible, subject to select a basic finish. Price: EUR 20 000 excluding installation, off appliances. Such. 05 57 80 13 36. 

Kitchen Saint André, user-friendly kitchens

Whether classic or ultra-modern, kitchens Saint André always meet the modern lifestyle. Manufactured in the workshops of the Belgian kitchen designer using traditional methods, kitchens St André combine traditional materials or upscale, such as oak, blue stone, Corian or high quality lacquer, with technological innovations such as Internet access or centralized control appliances. Price on request. 

Effeti the cuisiniste forefront Made in Italy

Founded in 1963, the small Tuscan company Carpentry has evolved and grown to establish itself today as a specialist in custom kitchens recognized worldwide for its creativity. Effeti do not forget all his first job. Thus, one of its most iconic models is "Wood 100%", a solid chestnut kitchen handmade in a small number of copies. For the main asset of the Tuscan brand is to carry within it the entire process of manufacturing kitchens for woodworking, marble, metal and aluminum, applying the varnish and lacquer , finishing doors to delivery of the finished product. All models in this kitchen designer, customizable and modifiable at will, meet the criteria of excellence. Effeti now has three outlets in France. Price: on request. 

Eggersmann, exceptional range of top kitchens

Since its creation in 1908, by Wilhelm Eggersmann, Kitchen brand Eggersmann has one goal, offering its customers the exception. Whatever their style, the kitchens are made Eggersmann German-made and not mass produced. They are always made to order and made with top quality components. One of the flagship products, UNIQUE collection made of a single material (hot-rolled steel solid, Corian, granite, solid glass ...) displays a unit that makes this sculptural kitchen. Alongside this prestigious line, Eggersmann proposes the creation of a kitchen of simple lines vies with the elegance of the materials. The kitchen has taught Eggersmann twenty outlets in France. Price estimate. 

Hardy Inside, accessible luxury kitchen designer

Born in Britain in 1960 of the meeting between architecture and technology, the company created Hardy Inside kitchens that are places of life, but still convenient and easy customization. A touch of luxury, a design tip and a dose of features, this is the philosophy of this 100% French brand. All arrangements are tailor-made with a production order. His Speciality ? Colorful cuisines inspired cuisines from around the world, varying the materials and textures (lacquer, polymer, oak or aluminum) with combinations of original and playful colors (purple, turquoise ...). ISO 14001 Hardy Inside place environmental criteria at the top of its concerns and ensures the reduction of waste. Price: from 12 000 to over 30 000. 

The French Kitchen, the upscale Made in France

Quality, tradition and finish: this is the philosophy of the French kitchen, one of the oldest French kitchen furniture manufacturers. All kitchens are created and crafted out in its workshops of Mayenne, by highly trained companions from certified wood. Classic styles, evoking the eighteenth century or more contemporary designs with varnished wood, bleached or heated, the catalog of The French Kitchen includes today fifty kitchens model variants. Price: on request. 

Leicht, ergonomics and aesthetics

The name of cuisiniste Leicht is synonymous with 80 years of experience in the realization of kitchens on-measurede. Manufactured in Germany, the Leicht kitchens do not follow fashions. They rely on minimalism and pleasure to become timeless. Their design follows four principles: a demanding aesthetic, clear forms, functional and ergonomic organization and authentic materials that have benefited from ecological treatment. The offer broad Leicht (over 30 models) is divided between cottage and contemporary styles in a range of finishes and colors, from laminate to the polished gloss lacquer. Wanting to advanced technology, it has launched high-tech kitchen units equipped with CNC-driven smartphone. Nearly 100 distribution points are located throughout the territory. Price: from € 8000 excluding fitting out appliances. 

Poggenpohl Porsche and timeless design with sustainable development

For Poggenpohl, the German manufacturer of kitchen design present in 70 countries, vis-à-vis future generations is part of the corporate culture. Production of kitchen furniture therefore uses only timber from managed forests and solvent-free varnish. Here, no standard kitchen. Each kitchen is designed on request, given the area concerned, taste and customer lifestyle. The finishes are inspired by natural colors but Poggenpohl also offers a custom color service. The latest creation from Poggenpohl, the P'7350 kitchen developed jointly with Porsche Design, is distinguished by its horizontal lines, sleek design and materials upscale. Poggenpohl has 35 dealers in France. Price estimate. 

Siematic, high-end storage in the kitchen

For over 50 years, the high end brand Siematic, is above all an exceptional choice of facilities design more 40 kitchen programs in different styles, contemporary and conventional, flexible and customizable to infinity. All materials used for Siematic kitchens are of high quality, such as natural stone or composite worktops, lacquered glass facades, stainless ... Another specificity of Siematic kitchens, variety of systems storage space: interior drawers and sliding, removable shelves on which fit various media for paper towels, plates, cutlery, furniture pedestals used in drawer for cookware ... in these areas open Siematic the rest of the house, functionality and discretion go hand in hand: accessories are invisible, handles disappear, doors equipped with shock absorbers are silent. Price estimate. Such. 01 56 60 58 93. 

Snaidero, the marriage of the craft tradition and Italian design

Since its inception, there are more than 60 years, Snaidero uses the best designers to create novel kitchens, 100% made in Italy. Besides aesthetic vanguard, Snaidero is strongly committed to technological research and the preservation of the environment by focusing on renewable materials and FSC-certified wood. The kitchen Snaidero catalog includes 16 models, ultra-design classics. His latest concept, "Smart Kitchen" illustrates the brand's approach: provide high freedom of arrangement to adapt to the tastes and needs of users as well as a flexible and functional use of space even in small rooms. Price on request. 

Veneta Cucine, the elegance of the Italian kitchen

Beauty and reliable, these are the words of Veneta Cucine, first Italian kitchen manufacturer. Its kitchens, design, contemporary or classic blend technology, innovation and craftsmanship. Veneta Cucine brand, ISO 9001, also means ecological cookers since all materials used are fully recyclable and the solventless varnish. Price estimate. Such. 01 53 75 10 00. 

Xavie'Z, craft kitchens

In 1996, Xavier Pottiez, cabinetmaker, established in Belgium his design workshop and layout of kitchens. Eight years later, the brand Xavie'Z born. Manufactured from kitchen islands built to measure, the Xavie'Z kitchens are available in 4 versions (Zen, Wood Steel So oak and loft), all handcrafted from natural raw materials, solid oak, slate, bluestone, aged iron, leather and tin in an aesthetic concern and respect for the environment. In these productions, always warm and genuine, the boundary between the kitchen and living room fades, spaces merge, styles intertwine, the soul mingles with the latest technology. Price estimate. Such. 01 44 74 00 38. 

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