Peel off the wallpaper: 3 Easy Methods

Peel off the wallpaper: 3 Easy Methods

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Peel off the wallpaper is a real ordeal? Tips, special products, steamers ... discover our simple and effective solutions for a clean wall before repainting or put new wallpaper. Whether it off vinyl wallpaper, wall or ceiling with water or even without specific product with a stripper: methods to easily peel off the wallpaper, without hassle, you are here detailed.

Peel off the wallpaper is a real chore? Not necessarily. In any case, remove wallpaper is the essential step if we want a clean wall in a new place. Here are our different solutions to properly take off the wallpaper. 

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Method 1: off wallpaper with shoestring

To take off the wallpaper with the means at hand and without spending anything, you have to bring a sprayer, window washer type that is commonly used to clean tile. After rinsing well, and fill it with lukewarm water in which you will have a diluted or two plugs of Mr. Clean. To be sprayed on the wall and leave for a few minutes before taking off with a scraper type of spatula. Repeat the operation if the wallpaper is lined up taking off all your surface. 

Note that the trick also works using detergent and a sponge. Economy is the strong point of this method that will take you in return over time.  

Necessary material :  

- Sprayer 

- Mr Proper cleaning type 

- Spatula scraper 

Cost : almost nil. 

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The particular case of the vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom and kitchen

The method works hard on vinyl wallpaper used in wet rooms (bathrooms, kitchens ...) for their impermeability. A hot water spray on a vinyl wall is irrelevant, it is necessary at first to pass a wire brush, sandpaper or an electric sander on the recalcitrant zone so as to reach the adhesive.  

Necessary material : 

- Wire brush 

- Sandpaper 

- electric sander (optional) 

Cost : relatively cheap unless purchasing an electric sander whose cost ranges from a few euros to a hundred euros depending on the quality.  

Method 2: remove the wallpaper with special products

To easily peel off the wallpaper, there are still special products to be applied directly on the wallpaper, designed to pass through it and melt the glue. Some must be diluted in water, others are ready to use in the form of sprays. The paper then takes off much more easily by using a sufficiently large spatula, gently proceeding from bottom to top. These products are suitable for all types of wall plaster surface range.  

Necessary material :  

- Product "Puffer wallpaper" (Vinyl sandpaper): from 5 euro per liter in DIY stores for those diluted in water.  

- wide spatula: a few euros in DIY stores. 

Cost : cheap (under $ 20 for a small room). 

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Method No. 3: removing wallpaper with a steam stripper

Alternatively, more expensive but much faster, especially for renovating large rooms: the steam stripper. Does it work like irons? Nearly...  

The advantage, besides saving time (5 minutes by hand to show off a strip of wallpaper), is being able to do without a coating or products whose composition is chemical: water alone may be enough . It is nevertheless advisable to use a wallpaper stripper with a strong flow of steam on the wall plaster, because it would end up soaked with water and eventually collapse.  

Necessary material :  

- A wallpaper 

- Spatula for corners and adhesive residues 

Cost : a stripper wallpaper worth 40 euros for first prize in DIY stores. For a very specific use, it's cheaper to rent, for example 25,80 euros for a day at Kiloutou or 38.30 euros for a weekend. The best market is the loan between particular rental begins at 5 euros per day on sites like or 

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Some precautions ...

- For safety reasons, turn off the power at the circuit breaker, remove plugs, switches and finally, protect your soil with a tarp.  

- In the end, it'll just rinse your wall with soap and water to clean the glue. If there is a plaster wall a coat may be necessary to flatten the surface.  

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