Laminate Flooring: pros and cons

Should we ask the parquet?

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Why not install laminate flooring in your home? It offers the warmth of wood at reasonable prices and an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. But do you really know all the advantages and disadvantages of such a floor? Side House has drawn nothing in the list for you.

The floating floor (or parquet) is more advantageous than the hardwood floors. It consists of 3 distinct layers of wood glued over one another. Before opting for a floating floor at home, here are the pros and cons that must keep in mind! 

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This parquet light colored s'harmonise avec toutes sortes de meubles et contribue à éclairer la pièce. Les planches de grandes tailles (2.20 m de long et 22 cm de large) correspondent à un agencement très actuel. Parquet Imperio Chêne pur mat Marquant : 89.99 euros le m2. Quick Step.

This light-colored parquet flooring harmonizes with all kinds of furniture and helps to illuminate the room. The boards of large size (2.20 m long and 22 cm wide) correspond to a current arrangement. Parquet Imperio matte pure Oak Marking: 89.99 euros per m2. Quick Step.

Quick step

The advantages of a floating floor

Advantage 1: the laminate, it is primarily a wooden parquet

Unlike the laminate flooring consists of plastics, the upper part of the floating floor is noble wood similar to solid parquet. The other two layers are most often in HDF boards (high density fiberboard). In almost 90% of cases, the upper part (called wear layer) is made of oak.  

Preferably opt for French oak (eg parquet de France label), because it can come from Eastern European countries and China. You can also find parquet chestnut, beech, maple or black locust. Exotic species are in decline (it was 10 years ago, they accounted for 20% of sales), but the supply is better controlled to avoid deforestation. Main species: bamboo, merbau, teak, doucier, Jatoba etc. 

Benefit # 2: the parquet is cheaper than a solid wood floor

A floating floor costs on average between 15 and 120 euros per m2, while the price of hardwood floors are typically between 39 and 200 euros per m2.  

The price per square meter of a floating floor depends on several factors: its essence and quality (certified or not), but also the width, length and thickness of the blade or finishing (aged wooden floors, bleached or colored, for example). Over the blade is short, narrow and thin, the less it will be expensive. 

Benefit # 3: the floating floor is easier to lay a solid wood floor

The floating floor arises easily clipped on a soft underlay, while the vast majority of solid wood floors are nailed or glued. It also has greater stability than hardwood floors, thanks to the combination of 3 different layers and it is resistant to temperature changes. 

Light beech floating floor varnish 3 friezes. layer'usure : 2.7 mm. Parquet contrecollé Fjord : 22.90 euros le m2. Lapeyre

Light beech floating floor varnish 3 friezes. Wear layer: 2.7 mm. hardwood floors Fjord 22.90 euros per m2. Lapeyre


The disadvantages of a floating floor

Disadvantage # 1: the parquet poor resistance to moisture

The parquet wood will react if the humidity is too high in the room or in the event of flooding. Avoid installing a floating floor near a dishwasher or washing machine. Also, choose a wooden says "marine" in the bathroom (similar to exotic species decks).  

Disadvantage # 2: the cheapest floating floors can be sanded once

A great present market generally a parquet wood wear layer rather small (a wear layer is between 2.5 and 6 mm thick). Thicker it is, the more you will grind to correct imperfections or remove large stains. A layer of 2.5 mm allows only one sanding. Better to take such a product to unfrequented parts. If you fear scratches or stains, prefer floating floors oiled with floating floors polish: they will be much less. Just put a little oil, once or twice a year.  

Disadvantage # 3: floating floor does not isolate noise

The acoustic performance of a floating floor are poor. The presence of air under the floor creates a "drum effect". Care should be taken to install an insulating undercoat of a sound point of view, in addition to conventional vapor. 

floating hardwood aged single blade. Available in 5 finishes brushed oil-wax. layer'usure : 3.4 mm. Garantie 30 ans. Pose flottante avec colle. Compatible avec sol chauffant. Parquet Othello 139 : 93.90 euros le m². Panaget.

floating hardwood aged single blade. Available in 5 finishes brushed oil-wax. Wear layer: 3.4 mm. Warranty 30 years. floating glued. Compatible with underfloor heating. Othello Parquet 139: 93.90 euros per m². Panaget.


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