Me and François Mitterrand to the theater Nursery

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If you are disgusted with politics and that you have low morale, then nothing like the show "François Mitterrand and I" which is played at the theater Nursery.

Introduced in 2016 in the programming of Theater du Rond-Point, this one scene is from the wacky text Hervé Le Tellier, a member of the Oulipo and pillar of the France Culture radio program "The Papuans in the head, published Nicoles at Lattes in March 2016.

In a staging of Benjamin Guillard, Olivier Broche is irresistible. This member Deschiens Deschamps-Makeieff sometimes looks like a Lucchini.

ME AND FRANCOIS MITTERRAND Letter Photo (copyright-free (c) Raphael Arnaud)

Have you ever came to mind to write to the president? Well just like the children write letters to Santa, our anti-hero Hervé will send a postcard to President François Mitterrand. No this is not a joke! And even they will become friends! But if, but if you're not dreaming ...

"To congratulate François Mitterrand's election two years ago, I wrote him a postcard of Arcachon, in September 1983. Francis replied. I find "thanking my letter," assured me that my remarks would receive "all the attention they deserved" and would be "taken into account", "in the shortest possible time." And he assured me of his "best wishes". Others might have confused his reply with a form letter. Not me. I replied, and Francis received a new response to the content rather close. Has thus established a very personal correspondence between him and me, until his death. I continued with all those who have succeeded by Jacques C. Francis H., and all, without exception, took my remarks "into consideration" and assured me of their "best wishes". It is this connection with our presidents that I finally decided to reveal to the public, to testify before history.

You understood, in this correspondence is his story that scrolls that of a man, that of a desperately lonely man. ME AND FRANCOIS MITTERRAND Photo Armchair (royalty-free (c) Raphael Arnaud)Tirelessly, the answers arrive. Identical. Administrative. Empty. He filled and honored, continuous and persistent. It ignites enthuses this great epistolary friendship with the great of this world.

During this conference an unlikely we will see scroll the French political history of the Mitterrand years to seven-Holland. Neither Bernie nor Carla, Julie naked, not be forgotten that Guignol review.

If you, too, he took you want to write before his departure to François Hollande, hurry, it'll have much time. In any case, you do not deprive yourself of this parenthesis of humor and laughter.

Me and François Mitterrand The theater Nursery

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Playing since January 25, 2027, from Tuesday to Saturday at 19h.

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