Tutorial: pencil pots to make family

Temperatures drop, the perfect opportunity to make a little do it yourself ! Go hop I realized (with my daughter) of pencil pots by recycling cans.

Recently, I had set aside a few cans. I piochée my reservation papers some paper (Easy enough when regular scrapbook like me). I also used the adhesive varnish and my small cutter. Finally, I gathered my poking and masking tape adhesive tapes. The hardest part of this achievement is probably to choose the paper :). It only remained to us put everything.

This activity has delighted my little girl of 6 years (its realization, at the bottom of this article), even my 10 year old boy has thrown a glance supported :).

Now I have one wish, making variants: pots succulent candle jars...

I think I succumb to the upcycling trend !!!  This is to recover materials / products that you no longer use to transform materials / quality of products or superior utility. So you're like me ???

pencil case

IMG_3583 IMG_3585 IMG_3587IMG_3589



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