5 errors Deco itchy eyes

Yes dear reader, the decorating mistakes, we could make an encyclopedia. What is in fashion one day, goes out of style the next day.
If the wall frieze separating a bi-color wall'm talking 90s, what about the stickers 2000s? But the drama did not end there. There are errors that sting the eyes. Those that make you tears burning you cornea second degree.
Yes, I like when things sound relaxing to the eye. Coming home after a tiring day and the risk of dying of a seizure, I would wish on anyone. Yet there are people that the did not seem to bother ... until they finally pilloried bad taste. Here are 5 mistakes itchy eyes and I invite you to denounce with your friends!



At best they are painted chain by Chinese artists at worst they are printed (always in China) to flood the market stores deco low cost.
We had enough tables 3, 4 or 5 parties that represent nothing original.
Once purchased, immediately obsolete.
At best you can retrieve the wood frame to turn on the grill!

5 errors Deco itchy eyes



Tables staggered
In line triptychs, there are tables staggered. To hide it is not easy to align the tables with a line or to fill a void, or lack of taste altogether. Create a framework composition requires thought and if you lack ideas, I invite you to watch the video at the bottom of this article.






The chairs of different colors
Chairs of different colors, the message is not clear. Why two shades? Either it's a late stock the store has sold off, or you are color blind (this does not excuse everything)
The decoration requires a minimum of reflection and originality NOT through 3 chairs of color and 3 of another. This is also valid for chairs or cushions. You are warned dear reader.
Ditto for 6 chairs of different colors. Unless you're alive in a caravan in which case you do not have space for 6 chairs.
In short, you're in lasseras quickly and you regret your purchase

5 errors Deco itchy eyes

(C) The Redoute Interiors



A strip of wallpaper on the wall lost
The wallpaper is a wall, or pan, but NOT a lé himself lost on a white wall (or worse ...)
Again this is end of stock, there remained a roll and I did not know what to do.
Either you have the means to offer a pan which has the mouth or you have enough will to let this roll in the tray "Everything for Euro" in your DIY store on the corner.

5 errors Deco itchy eyes

(C) Belmon



The false…
The fake brick walls in non-woven wallpaper, fake wood paneling, false industrial aspects ... well bad impressions on bad media.
In short, whether you put a wall naked and you discover bricks that you operated in an industrial spirit, or you forget and you make a nice wall in a nice shade. Even Rene did not dare put it in his bar PMU Armentières.
Again, this is not because it is exposed in your DIY corner you have to buy it.


5 errors Deco itchy eyes

(C) Chantemur

If you can separate yourself from these bad habits, find your inner peace and harmony. You'll love to come home and no longer will risk cardiac arrhythmia.
Thanks WHO?

And as a bonus as promised, the video that tells you all to show your frames on a wall.


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