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The good days will return and spring cleaning is done. So, it will rank as our old sweaters and winter items. But first, a little help "transition wash" to find the next winter. I found this article on "ways and work". As I have been more, at one time, representative for Solfin, I thought it might serve you. Yes, not always easy to navigate woollens washing. It is often difficult, whereas with a few tips, you'll be the queen of the small wool scouring.


washing acronyms


For this program, the selected fibers guarantee high quality products. Therefore, a wool machine wash at temperatures between 0 ° and 30 ° C is recommended rather than a wash and moderate short main.Essorage 400 laps. For hand washing of followers, it is of course possible.


If one of your sweaters suffered a strong spin, rewash it cold.


Put your Marseille soap remains in a jam jar and fill with hot water. Melt and use this thick liquid to wash your woollens hand.

THE pilling

To get rid of, brush your woollens to dryness with a nail hard nylon brush or the shave with a safety razor. More frequently you wash your woolens and the less they tend to pill.


If an angora or mohair wool shed hair, place it between 1 pm and 2 am in the freezer in a plastic bag. Repeat the operation if necessary.




To revive, add to the final rinse water a cup of white vinegar (for hand washing) o u1 / 4 liter (for washing machine). The fight against hard water which dulls colors.


- The colored stains (wine, fruit, etc ...): hot wash.

- The spots of fat and blood cold wash.

The soap is ideal for removing stains from wool sweaters. Gently rub the soiled area with the dry soap, fiber against fiber. Let stand 1 hour or 2 hours and then lather and then rinse. You can also use neutral detergent or earth Sommières.

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