Orange salad with anchovies

Orange salad with anchoviesI wrote you that I will the orange salad with anchovies Cedric Casanova. I am Tuscan by my dad, but my mom is Sicilian, Licata, Province of Agrigento. And there, I knew this orange salad. What beautiful memories between cousins ​​who came to eat at home. The mamas speaking them how to make fresh ravioli preparing the meal. The men were waiting while playing the Scoppa. From the top of the wall, we had the sea view and in good weather, we could see the coast of Tunisia. Goats went in the morning to take the fresh mountain. The shepherd did you taste them all warm milk. The scene evokes for me a film Fellini. Happiness. 
I promise, it's easy to do, a little oil, pepper and black olives, this was a child's delight. While fresh, it changes the eternal green salad. In addition, it provides full of sunshine vitamin. And we need sun.

Orange salad with anchovies 

Orange salad with anchovies

Orange salad with anchovies

preparation: 5 min -   No cooking

Cost : easy and affordable

For 4 people

One buys !

3 navel oranges

It was in the closet!

black olives
3 anchovy fillets
1 shallot
2 pinches of fennel seeds
2 tablespoons olive oil


- Peel the bright oranges with a sharp knife and detail into 1 centimeter

- Pit the olives and chop

- Soak the anchovy fillets if oil, desalinate if the salt, and a description of portions in half a centimeter.

- Chop the shallot.

- Place all ingredients in a dish or a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, some pepper and sprinkle with fennel seeds and mix.

Serve cool, but not cold.



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