Ice Express to spread

ice Express

I'm on vacation, while most of you have already returned to work ... And that's why I'll enjoy trying to cheer you up with small and easy gourmet recipes :-)

Today it is a classic that I put on the table. My ice is almost always express the freezer, it is so good and so easy to prepare that one can hardly find an excuse for not doing. It's almost easier than to go buy an ice jar at the supermarket!

No need an ice cream maker or eggs, and only two ingredients are necessary for its preparation. You are going to resist?

Bundt and chocolate ice 6

Ice biscuit dough

Arm yourself with your spread favorite, Organic or not, home-made or not. I tested the following:


pulp nougat

milk jam

Chestnut cream

paste biscuit (note there is gluten!)

caramel salted butter house

Bundt and chocolate ice 5

Ice biscuit dough

Bundt and chocolate ice 2

Ice biscuit dough

Then you are left with more than prepare a whipped cream and to mix the two. It's not as simple as that ;-)

Bundt and chocolate ice 1

Ice biscuit dough

The recipe for 12 balls:

400ml single cream whole, very cold

350g of chocolate spread

Whip the cream with an electric whisk, so it rides well and be firm. Add the spread (softened few seconds in the microwave if necessary), mix well and pour into small individual molds (blank molds or ramekins) or in an airtight container.

Put in the freezer for 6 hours minimum.

Remove the ice between 10 and 25 minutes (less for individual molds, more to the box) before serving.

Salted butter caramel icecream

Salted butter caramel icecream

Edges apples 17

Salted butter caramel icecream

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Enjoy your meal :-)

Ice Express to spread

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