Bol smoothie with papaya (vegan and gluten-free)

papaya smoothie

Today I propose a recipe smoothie bowl papaya for in brighten your autumn morning. Choose a ripe papaya, cut into pieces and freeze it in order to prepare a bowl sun at sunrise! To decorate, use fresh seasonal fruit, some nuts and cocoa beans. Drizzle your favorite syrup (coconut, maple, agave, caramel, honey if not vegan) ...

And enjoy!

Smoothie papaya 1

For a smoothie bowl:

papaya pieces 175g frozen

100ml vegetable milk

1 coconut flour C.S

Strawberries or raspberries to availability, mango, cocoa beans, nuts and coconut syrup to decorate

Papaya Smoothie 3

Mix papaya with milk and flour, pour the mixture into a bowl and garnish with fruit, dried fruit, cocoa beans and coconut syrup.

Smoothie papaya 6

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Papaya Smoothie 9

Enjoy your meal :-)

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