How to store cheese?

How to store cheese?

How keep the cheese not obvious, moreover the summer.
I remember beautiful diners and nothing more greedy in issuing the sentence at the end of the meal " Who wants cheese ?  "
Few would say no, even if the meal was plentiful.
As dessert, we always keep it a small place.
But summer, there are rules to respect, if we are to enjoy his cheese even longer.


The advantages of the fridge:

- placed in the bottom, at a temperature between 6 and 10 ° C, the cheese survives several semains or more, if there is maintained in a plastic film or an aluminum foil, with the start of spreadable butter protective. Although soft cheeses préfèrenet cellar and dark, for the rest, nothing beats the fridge.

The choice of wooden boxes:

- In contrast to plastic ones, they maintain the water balance. Beware, however, of mixed varieties are: perfumes are interpénétreraient and mold risk would be increased.

The gesture avoided:

- NEVER disconnect its rind cheese! It preserves the flavor and protects mold that just scrape to find him like new.

The option of freezing:

- It is quite enviseable except for the cheese. Is cut smaller portions being packaged in the wrapping paper. The thaw is in the refrigerator.

Before eating:

- If you put it in the fridge, remember to leave the cheese at least half past one before dinner, and place it under preference bell so that air circulates. Otherwise, cover with a damp cloth to prevent it from drying out. It will regain its soft texture and aromas sésinhiberont at room temperature.

Last but not out of the question to present your cheeses on an ordinary plate! It invests in a beautiful tray with real cheese knife!


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