Deco Font: The font of good taste in decorating!

Deco Font: The font of good taste in decorating!

A previous article 5 errors (horrors) which never wants to see decoration caused reactions to the less vivid.
Paris too, too this, not enough that ...
In short, he was reproached me not to speak to an audience of Parisians and neglecting the Province. Yes but ...
Paris is in my DNA and the device is as a protective barrier (sometimes I cross I admit)

Yes, I'm Paris, yes I am bitter, yes I am sometimes in bad faith. And that is EXACTLY what you will find here!
This topic is VOLUNTARILY caustic. However, to preserve the integrity and reputation of the sisters and brothers who confuse decoration and fig leaf, I deprive myself denounce them by name or publish their wanderings.

The objective of Police Deco? You refer to what is not done, why and possibly how to fix it.
Remember, good taste is perhaps your bad taste and vice versa. Here's who should avoid certain complaints and lamentations on my Parisianism.

In summary: stash your knots-knots and plaids leopards. Nothing found through my eyes!

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