Cooking the duck breast

How cook duck breast ? From the choice of duck cooking duck breast, discover the recipe I recommend the blog.

1) Before cooking duck breast, the choice of breast

Only the duck race or mule duck gras, or race green collar (Breeds used to produce foie gras) give duck breasts.
All other races, whatever the size of the net, entitled only to name "duck breast". Fat duck breast is whiter and softer than that of the breast and the different flesh and less good for me.

Choose well "domed" duck and not too flat. The duck under vacuum producers are good in general.

2) The preparation of breast duck

After unpacking the breast, remove with a small knife the thin membrane side flesh and fat and a little nervous in the same side.

Quadrillez slightly fat side breast without cutting the flesh as fat more easily based on cooking. Salt and pepper fat side only.


3) How to cook a duck

For cooking,

  1. Use a pan thick iron or a cast iron pan.
  2. Start the cold cooking fat side, without fat, low heat.
  3. Two options are available:
    • or you water the duck constantly with the fat that melts to cook the flesh. The breast will "inflate" the short cooking,
    • either you cook until the fat is melted and well toasted, then you return (do not prick the duck to return the) Flesh side of 2 6 minutes to finish cooking.
  4. Remove the duck and wait 5 minutes before cutting to avoid from the blood, which would make it hard.

che Tipf to cook a duck

Here is a "trick" to find cooking a duck without cutting:

Use your fingers to compare the consistency of your meat (its doneness) and the muscle of your hand (CF drawings below):

  • Put contacting the thumb and forefinger without pressure, and touch the base of the thumb with a finger of the other hand, the contact is soft, the breast is blue (Fig 1).
  • Put contacting the thumb and middle finger, the breast is pink (fig 2), and so on up to the little finger, the duck is cooked (fig 1).

I personally recommend overcooking the duck because it becomes too hard and inedible.

I suggest you cook a duck breast with morels

cooking-canard.jpg Thank you to Valerie, my wife for illustrations.

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