Deco font: red and purple, the ultimate in bad taste?

To inaugurate this new column (which was close to my heart for years), I bring an answer to my friend Hermance said "taste bad" and "being able to marry the red and purple." Yes Hermance, red and purple can quickly become the best of enemies when you do not know the dose.

Warning: In these politically correct times which deviate from the mainstream condescending makes you look Cruella (at best) or even for a person imbued his minx (at worst), this section will voluntarily caustic and acerbic  and maybe even dishonest. But it is not possible to go see some decorators achievements Sundays confuse fashionable and "I like on TV."
Besides, if you had enough humor and perspective on life, I would not need to do this preamble.
The tone is set, we can continue!

For indeed, red and purple can be VERY bad taste, if you do not know why or how to marry these colors. Hermance you're right!

Red and purple are two shades strong connotations: First of religious (cardinals and bishops wear this color jumpers) and also sexual (Look no link between church and sexuality, Opus Dei would a fatwa on you and your descendants 13 generations)
Anyway, the red of passion, purple opulence ... it does not take longer to transfer to the brothel second class as long as you play in velvet and gilt plastic.
I see you smile, it reminds you of something ... or someone (perhaps a member of Opus Dei in a cross wandering evening)

So to reassure Hermance marriage of these two colors, I let you make your own judgment:

GOOD: Tasteful and of good quality.
BAD: The future cover of the magazine GIFI / Foir'Fouille / Casa / Castorama


First case:

BAD! It was easy to start.
Because there is too much ... too much.
It's like those people who can not help but move to the corner of the bazaar (the "strongly € 1") and buying anything that is red or purple, convinced that it will be perfect in the background.
accumulation of identical objects shades does not taste good, no ... This is not!
From the East, the Provencal, Indian ... NO, NO and NO. That's to banish!

The solution? It turns the tables, lanterns and blare, we only keep 4 cushions. The rest: good works. (Not sure that's a gift!) Or the Bon Coin (there will always be a collector to whom it missed)

Deco font: red and purple, the ultimate in bad taste?

ADB: an accumulation of everything and anything under the pretext that it is the same color!


 Second case:

BAAAAAAD course.
You have the ceiling height of a Loire chateau and how you decorate GIFI / Recycling of granny. You deserve the stake without further ado!
When using shades as strong that red and purple, it does not come with a bed parasitize way Aubusson head of Liberty lampshades and cushions damask. NO, sobriety playing and symmetry.
Come on, hop trash for that unworthy shoddy decor of a comedy Max Pécas (to understand this reference, you must have more than 40 years, I confess)
The solution?
It removes, bed head, replacing the shade by a neutral shade or tone on tone, it turns the picture of the dog handler and lutes (seriously what was the concept here?) The bouquet of flowers ridiculous and the yellow and green cushions (it is not a test for color blindness)


Deco font: red and purple, the ultimate in bad taste?

ADB: We are not color blind!

Third case:


Good course.
Flatten complementary color, saturation identical.
Furniture tones.
No frills.
Only drawback, it is better to consider a place of passage in an otherwise living place finish blinded!

Deco font: red and purple, the ultimate in bad taste?

GOOD - Saturated colors and sobriety

You see Hermance, red and purple can be tasteful. Just know how to combine them!
A soon for other (good) advice Deco Font ... and by then stash your trinkets and canvas cushions!

Gift Bonus: The game of 7 errors!

Deco font: red and purple, the ultimate in bad taste?

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