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Bau-Bau (Www.bau-bau.fr) is  a new online store. One more ! You tell me ... Yes, but the concept of it "The beautiful less than 30 euros" I really like. Indeed, the creators of this e-shop selected lovely items whose prices never exceed 30 euros.

What do we find in Bau-Bau? The pretty colored tableware, stationery, great socks, soaps retro packaging, home accessories and jewelry unpublished ...

Why this site pleases me? This is the perfect site for giftware, trendy gift, stylish and useful that will not ruin us and our nearest necessarily amaze!

And I like the way the objects are presented with pretty put in situations that make them even more attractive and give us ideas on how to use them. It's really alive!

What's my favorite? The cups Camilla Engdahl

Who founded Bau Bau? 2 daughters, 2 and fashion deco fans redeeming at Agnès b to pay for their education. 15 years later, a jewelry designer and one fashion editor, children, husbands and still friends, they have embarked on a new challenge by celebrating the New Year! That of creating a e.shop with that of the beautiful less than 30 €!

Crockery Camilla Engdahl (below double-sided flat, cups, egg cups salt pot ...)

bau bau



01Salt jar black triangle



Suspensions of Egg Clumbus Seletti

Bau bau Egg of Columbus


Porcelain dishes (bowls, plates, dishes, cups ...) House of Rym

Bau bau 3tasses arbor harbor

02sous cup you're the wave

02bol arbor harbor

02assiette arbor harbor

01Grande plate arbor blue harborMulti-Purpose Bags, Essent'ial, designer Paola Navone

bau bau essent'ial paola navone

bau bau

Tabier Essent'ial

02 apron


Orla Kiely Mug - Notebook Paper Tiger

bau bau

02mug square deasy flower


Notebooks Paper Tiger

bau bau

Bau-Bau Student


Jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces ...), Bau-bau creations

Bau Bau

bau bau


Happy Socks, brought here by the E-shop creative


Photo credits: Photos 1-2-3-5 Camilla Engdahl, 6 SELETTI 12 H0use of Rym. All other photos are of Bau-Bau

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